21st August 2016 -

A Hamper Is Not Just For Christmas.

According to Sam Hayward of Virginia Haywood, 95% of their annual revenue is made during the 7 weeks around the Christmas period.

That means when the 1st of September comes around, the team have already spent 8 months working extremely hard to set up every touch point outlined in the marketing plan. With all this time and effort, online hamper retailers are seeing astonishing results. Fortnum and Mason recently reported that online sales over the five weeks to Jan 4 ’15 increased 31% when compared to the same period in the previous year (Retail Week).

It comes as no surprise that UK searches for ‘hamper’ show drastic seasonal changes with increases starting in September and searches reaching a peak in December. Interestingly, searches have also steadily increased year on year with the highest frequency of 22,200 searches appearing in December 2016.

The great thing about seasonal online sales is that every year, retailers have an opportunity to collect a huge amount of data from website visitors and customers alike. For every new customer gained, a whole host of information can be captured, from areas such as their online behavior to providing their email address.

For those visitors who don’t convert, retailers have the chance to capture information so that they can engage with them at a later date via email, re-targeting or social media.

The downside of running a business that is primarily focused around seasonal sales is that the marketing, website, customer service and sales teams are so engaged with hitting their seasonal deadlines, the focus on the ‘regular shopper’ can be somewhat minimal.

Here’s where PureClarity comes in to supply that much-needed support. Whilst PureClarity personalizes promotions and content during seasonal periods, the system also sits in the background automatically running personalized campaigns all year round.

What does that mean for hamper retailers?

During Christmas and the rest of the year, PureClarity will collect and analyse the data for every customer that visits your site. This data can then be used in a number of ways:

1. Personalize the experience in real-time

As the customer browses around the website, content such as product recommendations will adapt to their behavior. If the search is used then relevant product recommendations will be shown, based on their activity. Promotions will be targeted and products will be recommended to encourage conversion and increased basket spend.

2. Post-season re-engagement

So, the season has ended, customers are extremely pleased with their orders and recipients loved their gifts. Traditionally, hamper retailers may not see many of these customers again until perhaps a year later. PureClarity will automatically reconnect with these customers through automated email marketing. Personalized emails are sent to encourage customers to revisit and purchase again, more regularly than they usually would.

Email promotions can be linked to specific profile types, for example:

Profile: Customers who purchased more than 2 items with an average value of $50.

Promotion: 10% off Birthday hampers – from $50.

Profile: Customers who purchased 1 item with an avg value of $250.

Promotion: Free gift with all luxury hampers – ends midnight.

Profile: Last minute impulse shoppers.

Promotion: Last minute gifts! Free next day delivery with all hampers.

Profile: Corporate hampers who purchased over 50 items.

Promotion: 10% off new summer hamper range – designed for you!

Once a customer lands back on the website, they are presented with products relevant to them. This is achieved because PureClarity analyzes the individuals past purchase and viewing history, takes into account trending data from other people sitting in their behavioral profile and uses this analysis to tailor the experience, encouraging them to convert.

3. Converting new customers

Throughout the year, searches for ‘hamper’ remain at a steady 4,400 per month. These customers may be searching for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or even a treat for themselves. PureClarity allows you to define a ‘new customer’ profile based on a number of variables including geographical location and time habit. For example, if a new customer visits your website from the USA in the morning, their landing page could feature a promotion such as:

Free next day delivery in the USA with all hampers – ends midday.


10% off USA themed hampers – ends today.

4. Increasing sales for the next season

PureClarity collects data from every touchpoint and that means when Christmas comes around again, the system knows exactly which promotions and products each different profile would like to see. This enables the marketing team to kick-start the Christmas season with tailored campaigns. This also means, customers are presented with products that match their past behavior – making it much more likely for them to convert.