Increase Online Revenue by 26% with Intelligent Personalized Site Search & Merchandising
Increase Online Revenue by 26% with Intelligent Personalized Site Search & Merchandising

Powerful Ecommerce Personalization

PureClarity is the leading AI-based ecommerce personalization platform proven to maximize online revenue with Personalized Site Search & Personalized Merchandising.

Provide the ultimate search experience with PureClarity’s advanced personalized site search feature.

Deliver true ecommerce personalization with product recommenders and content personalization.

Gain key insights in to your visitors’ behavior and monitor PureClarity’s performance with advanced analytics.

Gain Great Results


Increase in Online Revenue


Increase in Sales Conversions


Increase in Average Order Value

How PureClarity Works

PureClarity is designed to provide a highly personalized visitor experience in order to increase sales conversions and build loyalty. It analyses visitor behavior at three different levels to present search results and recommendations that are highly relevant. Enrich with targeted personalized banners and promotions.

Powerful Personalization

For All Ecommerce Platforms

Our aim is to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start defining your customer segments, setting up your personalized campaigns and delivering a more engaging experience for your customers.

PureClarity integrates with all major ecommerce platforms, even bespoke solutions! When you sign up we’ll guide you through the simple onboarding process.

Trusted by large and small B2B & B2C Businesses

“PureClarity offers the latest personalization and AI techniques to rapidly growing ecommerce retailers at a price that is easily affordable! We love that the software offers multiple types of integration and the support is second to none!”
Stephen Stone, Internet Gardener, UK

“PureClarity is a great tool. It offers real-time on-site personalization and product recommendations for eCommerce sites, as well as personalized search, also in real-time. We love working with PureClarity and it is amazingly affordable!”
Steven Murovannyy, Safco Dental, USA

“PureClarity has transformed the site search, producing highly relevant search results and product suggestions tailored to each of our customers with significant impact on income and average order value.”
Spokesperson, The Royal British Legion

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