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Introducing PureClarity’s Live Chat and Chat Bot Feature

It is extremely important for businesses to create seamless shopping experiences, in order to turn every visitor into a repeat customer. For a brick and mortar store, this can be achieved through personal touches that make customers feel special and valued; a warm welcome as they enter the store, personalised recommendations on items, answering queries, and so on. 

Today’s ecommerce consumer expects  the same level of personalisation offered in-store online. The solution: conversational commerce through live chat adds the human element that customers are looking for online. 

Real-time communication tools, like live chat, not only improve user journeys, they increase average order, conversion rates, and online revenue. Forrester’s research declared that customers who engage with a businesses live chat are nearly 3 times more likely to complete a purchase and businesses that staff a live chat sell 10-15% more per shopping cart. According to Kayako 41% of customers feel live chat is the best way to communicate with a business to build trust. 

By implementing a real-time communication tool, like PureClarity’s live chat, delivering a hyper-personalised customer journey that caters to the needs and wants of unique visitors has never been easier. Read on to learn more about how our live chat and chat bot feature can be of mutual benefit to both your business and customers. 

Live Chat 

Built off of the back of PureClarity’s AI-driven engine, our live chat feature has been specially designed for ecommerce transactions. 

It is important for businesses to be able to establish a solid rapport with their customers, in order to sell more products more frequently. With this in mind we have ensured that our live chat feature is fully equipped with everything that an operator would need to be able to make accurate recommendations and suggestions. 

This includes an advanced view of customer insights and analytics, so that the operator has a wide understanding of the customer’s likes, behaviour, past purchases, and browsing history, to increase efficiency, customer service and, therefore, conversion rate. 

In addition, our live chat is backed by our AI-driven product recommenders. This means that if your customer is viewing certain products or pages, the software will not only show this in the analytics, but also provide the perfect products to recommend based on real-time data. 

We understand that all businesses are unique in the ways in which they wish to connect with their customers. Our live chat accommodates this by being completely configurable and customisable. 

“Being available through live chat helps customers get their immediate questions answered, which means greater potential for a sale and fewer abandoned items.” 



We understand that being able to staff a live chat 24/7 could be difficult for a lot of businesses, that’s where our chatbots can come in handy. They require no operator and are a fast way that your customers can acquire answers at every hour of the day. Studies show that if a customer gets a response within 5 minutes of asking a question they are 69% more likely to make a sale

Two main ways that our chatbots can be used are: 

  1. To display information. For instance, you could show specific messages to specific audiences (this can be done using our segmentation tool). First time visitors may see a message saying something like: “Hi and welcome to our store. Use code NEWBIE15 for 15% off your first order”.

    Or something a little more informative like, “Hey, did you know that for every order placed we donate £1 to charity.” It can be an alternative way of expressing a brand’s personality and showing their customers their values.

    Chatbot messaging is considered less invasive; you may even consider using chatbots over pop-ups if you are wanting your messages to be more subtle. 
  1. The second side of chatbots is, of course, being able to answer customer queries fast. As the saying goes ‘time is money’ and customers can be impatient when it comes to finding answers. That’s why auto replies for more generic questions are great. And for the less generic questions a message of acknowledgement informs your customers that an operator will respond as soon as possible.

    The reason why our chatbots are unique is because they have the power to record answers and automatically update customer segments, which then updates the content that the visitor sees. 

    For example, say that you are a pet accessory retailer and a customer answers a chat bot with a response to find out about dog collars. This immediately indicates that your customer is interested in products for dogs. Therefore, to improve your customer’s experience the site could be updated with banners, product recommendations, and content that is dog related to ensure that the journey is more succinct and enjoyable. 


Never underestimate the value of adding personalisation to your online store. 1:1 conversations engage customers, build trust and excite customers about shopping with you, which in return keeps them coming back time and time again. 

All of PureClarity’s features work coherently together to deliver the optimal experience for customers. If you are looking to increase conversion, connect better with your customers, and generate more revenue, book a discovery call now to find out how PureClarity could help your ecommerce store. Live chat is just one element of what we can do. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at: sales@pureclarity.com

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