26th September 2018 -

How a luxury jewellery brand uses PureClarity’s AI to communicate quality and care

Do you have an eye for quality, a taste for luxury?

Do you prefer a human feel, with a focus on quality over quantity? Are you interested in supporting creative people all over the world? Then you and JewelStreet have something in common.

JewelStreet’s story

JewelStreet is an online platform with over five hundred jewellery brands from all over the world. They are dedicated to giving talented designers a home to reach new audiences, who will appreciate their work. With a focus on unique designs and world-class customer service, JewelStreet source high-quality jewellery for their discerning client base.

Because their products are unique and hand-picked, they’re not cheap. JewelStreet found a way to communicate their excellence and quality, with an exceptional dedication to customer support, to prove their value to their customer base.

What works for them

JewelStreet are all about discovery and exploration. A journey through their site is an engaging, revelatory, gorgeous experience. Browsing through their pages reveals striking, intriguing photography, new trends highlighted and showcased.

Each section of jewellery on their site is illustrated with stunning examples that tempt you into finding out more.

JewelStreet have a very content-heavy approach, with topical articles about London Fashion Week jewellery trends, getting to know all about their designers, tips and tricks for jewellery owners on upkeep.

This gives their site an expert feel that’s still very warm, friendly and inviting.

Communicating quality online

JewelStreet emphasize the care and thought that go into their selection process at every. Whether you’re reading a profile of one of their creators, or you’re browsing through their ‘Inspire me’ section, it’s overwhelmingly apparent through up-close, gorgeous shots with a mix of celebrity and model shots, that they prize value and excellence in their jewellery selections.

How they use PureClarity

JewelStreet focus on providing the content, quality and spending time connecting with their customers, so they rely on PureClarity’s AI to provide relevant, topical recommendations. This lets them know their customers will be seeing tailored recommendations while they focus on curating quality collections.

The option for visitors to see personalized recommendations makes them feel valued and cared-for, which fits in with the overall message of the site. They can also see what other shoppers are looking at in the ‘Trending Now’ tab.

Because JewelStreet are so creator-focused, they’ve also chosen to pair specific recommendations with each creator profile so intrigued visitors can get a feel for the personality and story of a designer and then directly shop their collection.

JewelStreet finds ways to communicate quality and care everywhere on their site, proving to their customers that by giving aspiring creatives a platform and delivering quality to their customers, their selection is well worth the price.

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