Increase Online Revenue by 26% with Intelligent Personalized Site Search & Merchandising
Increase Online Revenue by 26% with Intelligent Personalized Site Search & Merchandising

Powerful Ecommerce Personalization

PureClarity is the leading AI-based ecommerce personalization platform proven to maximize online revenue with Personalized Site Search & Personalized Merchandising.

Automated Intelligent Search

Provide the ultimate search experience with PureClarity’s advanced personalized site search feature.

Personalized Merchandising

Deliver true ecommerce personalization with product recommenders and content personalization.

Indepth Analytics

Gain key insights in to your visitors’ behavior and monitor PureClarity’s performance with advanced analytics.

Gain Great Results


Increase in Online Revenue


Increase in Sales Conversions


Increase in Average Order Value

Personalized Site Search

Deliver site search excellence and increase online sales with PureClarity’s powerful site search; offering personalized results, autocomplete, automated filters, synonyms and redirects.

Smart, Personal & Relevant

Personalized AI Autocomplete

PureClarity’s award-winning ecommerce search technology, driven by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides your website users with a feature-rich, personalized search experience complete with a real-time personalized autocomplete.

  • Relevant suggestions on every keystroke
  • 1-1 Personalized recommendations in Autocomplete
  • Personalized & self-learning
  • Popular searches based on behavior
  • Handles misspells & synonyms
  • Multi-lingual
  • Supports redirects
  • Fast within milliseconds
  • B2B Tuned – SKU lookup direct to product
  • Control look & feel
Lightning Fast Search

PureClarity’s Personalized Search has been designed to deliver instant search results from the moment your customer begins typing!

Personalized & Machine Learning

PureClarity constantly collects and analyzes behavioral data and uses this information to learn in real-time.

Natural Language Processing

Typos, slang terms, common misspell- ings and ‘informational’ searches are all taken care of with PureClarity!

Relevance & Personal

Personalized Search Results

With PureClarity you are in complete control. Whilst the Artificial Intelligence powers your search results from day one, you can override with enriched search rules for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  Also, unique to PureClarity is our personalized recommendations within search results based on current browsing and search activity giving relevant product suggestions within the context of the user’s behavior.

  • Personalized recommendations in results
  • Personalized & self learning around behavior
  • Recognises Trends
  • Automated Filtering
  • Sort based on weather, location, CRM data & product data
  • B2B customer specific pricing and product groups by account
  • Enhanced Search Rules giving you full control
  • Product override, exclusion & boosting
  • Override AI with behavior based rules to cross-sell & up-sell
  • Make the experience beautiful – control the look & feel
Maximize Revenue with Personalized

Product Listing Pages

In addition to personalized search results, you can deliver personalized category & product listing relevant products to an individual. With PureClarity’s in-search product recommendations you’ll delight customers with appropriate products along with opportunities to cross-sell & up-sell.

  • Personalized product listing pages
  • Gives you same control as you have with search using enhanced rules
  • Show category pages using segmentation and dynamic real-time activity

Personalized Merchandising

Deliver the ultimate personalized experience with recommenders, images, promotions and carousels utilizing PureClarity’s artificial intelligence-based Personalized Merchandising.

Increase Sales With 1-1

Personalized AI Recommenders

PureClarity’s Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continuously collects and analyzes data from every visitor interaction on your site in real-time and uses this data to deliver a truly personalized experience as your visitors browse.

  • AI chooses best recommendation strategy for an Individual
  • AI chooses most relevant products, categories & brands
  • AI learns behavior of the crowd, customer segments and the individual
  • AI uses viewing & buying habits, product associations, demographics and predictive behavior to learn
Fully Automated

All of PureClarity’s recommenders are fully automated with the option to override for more control.

30+ Recommender Types

Choose from over 30 different product, category or brand recommenders - or let the AI choose for you!

Any Page, Any Template

Implement personalization on any page including home, product, basket and order confirmation.

Personalize Your Site's Content

Give Each Visitor a Unique Experience

PureClarity’s machine learning means the system knows not only which products each customer and segment wants to see within each recommender, but also which type of recommender to present to each segment. Simply set the system to run in ‘AI mode’ and each area will be optimized automatically! Enrich with Manual Personalized Banners designed to promote, cross-sell and upsell!

Male Rowers, Average Order Value <£75
Regular Buyer of Female Sportswear
First Time Visitor
Real-Time, Dynamic Personalization

Campaign Rules

PureClarity’s Campaign Rules allow you to deliver advanced personalization using real-time, dynamic segmentation. Create personalized campaigns based on where your visitors are located, how they found your site, what time it is, what device they are on and even what the weather is like!

In addition to creating ‘off-site’ Campaign Rules, PureClarity can automatically fine-tune each visitor’s experience based on the products they have added to their basket, the value of those items, what they have searched for on your site or which pages they have viewed. The results? Improved customer experience, online revenue and lifetime value.

A/B Test your Personalization Campaigns

10% off or Free Delivery? Set up A/B tests for each personalized campaign to discover your best performing content.

A/B Test your Personalization Campaigns

10% off or Free Delivery? Set up A/B tests for each personalized campaign to discover your best performing content.

How PureClarity Works

PureClarity is designed to provide a highly personalized visitor experience in order to increase sales conversions and build loyalty. It analyses visitor behavior at three different levels to present recommendations on page. within search and email that are highly relevant. Enrich with targeted personalized banners and promotions.

Let's Get Personal

Personalization Made Easy

Easy to use Dashboard gives you control over your personalization. View detailed analytics, configure the automation, enrich with personalized campaigns and monitor the performance of the personalization.

Powerful Personalization

For All Ecommerce Platforms

Our aim is to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start defining your customer segments, setting up your personalized campaigns and delivering a more engaging experience for your customers.

PureClarity integrates with all major ecommerce platforms, even bespoke solutions! When you sign up we’ll guide you through the simple onboarding process.

Trusted by large and small B2B & B2C Businesses

“PureClarity offers the latest personalization and AI techniques to rapidly growing ecommerce retailers at a price that is easily affordable! We love that the software offers multiple types of integration and the support is second to none!”
Stephen Stone, Internet Gardener, UK

“PureClarity is a great tool. It offers real-time on-site personalization and product recommendations for eCommerce sites, as well as personalized search, also in real-time. We love working with PureClarity and it is amazingly affordable!”
Steven Murovannyy, Safco Dental, USA

“PureClarity has transformed the site search, producing highly relevant search results and product suggestions tailored to each of our customers with significant impact on income and average order value.”
Spokesperson, The Royal British Legion

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