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Meet Andre de Gaye – Our New Strategic Partnership Manager

PureClarity would like to welcome Andre aboard the PureClarity team. Based out of the PureClarity HQ in York Andre has joined us as Strategic Partnership Manager. To get to know Andre a little better we thought we would put him under the spotlight. Andre agreed do a quick fire round of questions with me, so I jumped at the chance.

Andre, what makes you get up in the morning?

Usually one or both of my sons singing or shouting in my ear!  Seriously though, I love to connect and talk to new people.   It’s what I do best and what comes naturally to me – if I end the day having made even just one meaningful connection with a new person – I’m a happy man!

What excites you about working with PureClarity?

It’s a product that I genuinely believe in and massively improves the online shopping experience – it simply works!  I’ve always loved technology and how it can help people.  PureClarity is one of those innovative solutions that is making a real difference to how people shop online.  We have a great team here as well and ultimately; we’re all aligned on making PureClarity as successful as it deserves to be!

Describe your typical week working with PureClarity

It’s difficult to describe a typical week as it’s so varied!  However, I’ll either be visiting Solution or Technology partners (or potential partners) to explore opportunities, providing demonstrations of PureClarity, visiting Expos and Events, providing content for Blogs and Webinars or providing voiceovers for marketing videos.  Whatever I’m doing and however I’m doing it though, I’m always evangelising about PureClarity and the fantastic results it provides for our clients!

What has been your experience on the growth of ecommerce personalisation in the market?

I’ve worked in Ecommerce for the last 5 years and 5 years ago personalisation was relatively new and only being used by the early adopters.  Over the years I think Ecommerce businesses have had to sit up and take note of the technology.  Whilst previously they may have viewed this as a “nice to have”, in 2019 I think the realisation is that if they are not using ecommerce personalisation effectively, their competition certainly will be.  The customer experience online is everything and if it’s quick and easy to find the products that are personally relevant, of course the customer will spend more and come back for more!  It sounds simple and it is largely common sense – if you tailor the experience to the customer their experience is enhanced.  If their experience is enhanced then they will spend more, more often.  That said, I still think there are many ecommerce businesses out there that need to future-proof their business with personalisation – but the time is now!

Why are Agencies now onboarding ecommerce personalisation as an additional service to offer?

I think they absolutely must as the technology is well past the early adoption stage and is now at the point where it’s necessary to stay ahead of the competition.  Agencies obviously must add value to their clients and, as industry experts, should be recommending solutions that are going to put their clients at a competitive advantage.  In a previous agency role, my number one focus was looking at features that would help my clients gain a competitive advantage whilst either increasing their revenue or saving them money.  Adding value to their clients should be an agency’s number on priority – and personalisation is something that adds value!

What makes PureClarity stand out from the rest of the field?

PureClarity offers personalised and fully customisable recommendations using advanced AI and Big Data, with truly unlimited campaigns and segmentation and an advanced reporting system.  There are other systems out there that do this, but they are 3 or 4 times the price of PureClarity.  We are extremely competitively priced in the market and we don’t limit the functionality of our system based on monthly spend.   The client with 80,000 page views per month paying £299 has the same unlimited features as the client paying £899 a month with 750,000 page views per month!  We also pride ourselves on our customer service and support – we have a fantastic client services and technical support team at our Head Office in York who are always ready to help our clients get the most out of PureClarity and the huge ROI it offers.

What type of Agencies are adopting Ecommerce Personalisation as an additional service?

Obviously, ecommerce web development agencies should be seeing this as a powerful string to their bow – but really any agency that provides a digital service to an ecommerce client can benefit by offering personalisation.  Many agencies are full service, and personalisation should be something they’re talking to their clients about, whether in an ecommerce development context or a digital marketing context in terms of Conversation Rate Optimisation.  PureClarity has Magento plugins (Magento 1 and 2), Shopify and Woocommerce plugins, so Magento, Shopify and WordPress specialist agencies can easily roll out personalisation for their clients by simply installing the apps – we’ll do the rest!

What benefits do you see Agencies getting from working with PureClarity?

PureClarity has a fantastic new Partner Program that ensures everyone benefits from the partner relationship.  As well as offering a commission structure that rewards our agency partners a percentage of the client revenue for the whole lifetime of the client, the agencies also have my support throughout the entire process.  This could be anything from assisting with and delivering client presentations, meeting clients on the agency’s behalf or just attending a client pitch.   I’m happy to work in any way an agency would like me to – but really, I don’t think the agency to have to lift a finger – just make the introduction!  

Do you come across any objections from Agencies and how do you address them?

Absolutely – having worked agency-side for years I used to be the one making the objections!  The main objections can roughly be split into two camps.  The first is that the agency may already be using personalisation – in which case great!  This means they already understand how important personalisation is to having success in ecommerce.  From there – I’ll discuss what tools they’re using, what works well, what could be improved – then I’ll outline all the fantastic benefits of PureClarity as an additional option for their clients!

The second objection is that they don’t use personalisation and don’t really understand what it is or how to use it effectively.  That’s where it becomes an education piece and me coming from a family of teachers comes in handy!  So, I start with the basics, what it is, how it works and how it can benefit the agency and their clients.

How quick is it on to onboard a new client?

Very quick!  We’re looking at an average time of two weeks to get a client onboarded and live using PureClarity – then in a further two weeks the website should be generating fantastic ROI.  I think if you said to any business that in only four weeks their online conversions, revenue and AOV would be increased by a significant amount – they would surely make the investment!  So, what are you waiting for?

What should an agency do if they want to discuss Partner Opportunities with you?

Get in touch with me by phone or email, or LinkedIn!  You can reach me on 020 3637 2253, at andredegaye@pureclarity.com or www.linkedin.com/in/andredegaye

Thanks Andre!

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