15th June 2018 - 3 Min

Meet Jo Burman – Our new Head of Marketing

Jo Burman

We are thrilled to introduce our latest recruit to the team, Jo Burman who joins us as Head of Marketing. To get to know her better, we put Jo through her paces with a series of quick-fire questions!

Jo, what makes you get up in the morning?

I love the mornings so have no issues whatsoever getting up early. It can be quite annoying 😊 I would much rather get up early than go to bed late. After my first mug of coffee my brain switches on then I am ready to look at how we can do things better in PureClarity. How we can market ourselves differently in an increasingly competitive market.

What did you do before you joined PureClarity?

I have always worked in the Ecommerce and Digital Marketing arena. I have over the last 18 years worked across several different industry verticals including healthcare, retail and hospitality helping those businesses formulate and execute their online strategies. What I have learnt from working client side and agency side has helped me to fully understand the challenges merchants faced and how PureClarity can easily overcome many of those challenges today.

What excites you about working with PureClarity?

There are two key things that I love about working with PureClarity. The people and the product. We have such an energetic, forward thinking, and passionate team that it is fun to be working with like minded driven people.  Secondly there is no other product like PureClarity on the market. We have such as strong set of unique selling points and a powerful product feature set that the challenges are to filter the large amount of great ideas we have about how to develop and market our product quickly and effectively. The opportunities for PureClarity to grow are immense and I am proud to be on that team.

Describe your typical week working with PureClarity

Well no two weeks the same for sure. A good portion on my week is spent on creating unique and interesting content that online merchants find useful. Not only about the power of offering engaging online customer experiences but around the changing market we are in, and how merchants can  get the best out of their websites. These include blogs, socials, e-books, and webinars.  One week I can be crafting a new piece of market research and planning new events for us to speak and exhibit at and the next I can be working on a new feature release webinar and co-creating content and marketing activity with our large range of ecommerce and technology partners.  I love the variety of the work and it certainly keeps me out of mischief.

What are the biggest marketing challenges for you?

It’s becoming an increasing crowded market and ecommerce personalisation has over the last couple of years been a buzz word and hot topic. One challenge we face is the perception that software like ours is only suitable for larger enterprise merchants.  Smaller businesses have a hard task to fulfil their daily duties with the size of the teams they have and often the adoption of new software to address their strategic aims is not always a priority. My job is to help the market to understand that software like PureClarity is available to all, exactly what it does and what it can deliver, how easy it is to implement and manage and how quickly it will start to revolutionise the results they are seeing.  Education on the benefits and accessibility of ecommerce personalisation is key and that can be done in so many inventive ways that we are constantly challenging ourselves to be different.

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