21st January 2021 - 5 minutes

Meet John Barton – Our Technical Director

PureClarity are very pleased to announce that our former Head of Development, John Barton, has recently been promoted to the position of Technical Director.

A massive congratulations John – very well deserved!

Not only did we think this a great opportunity to celebrate John’s success, but it also allows us the chance to shout about one of our wonderful employees and all they do for the team and PureClarity.

Join me as I ask John a quick-fire round of questions. Without further ado, here is the man behind the product – you name it, he can build it – Mr John Barton! 

When did you first start with PureClarity?

Interestingly, I was the first ever official employee of PureClarity. I started working for PureClarity alongside the original founders back in 2012.

Previously, I was ‘Head of Development’. Fast forward to 2021; I am now the Technical Director.

The company has grown over the years, in terms of; employees, clients and the ability of the product – and I am very proud to say that I have been a part of that development from the start.

It has been a pleasure to watch the product and company adapt and advance to where it is now – and of course it does not stop there. Myself and my team are constantly working on improvements to ensure that we offer the best SME SaaS product possible.

“Since my first day John has been approachable and supportive in both a professional and personal capacity. He’s always got great ideas to help navigate issues and provides solid advice.”

 Gareth James, Senior PHP Developer at PureClarity

Before you started with PureClarity what was it you were doing?

I worked in an engineering firm in Cambridge for 8 years helping them develop applications for testing circuit boards. I have also worked in the defence and telecommunication sectors – so have had a varied career!

Ecommerce is a great space to be involved in and given the increased shift over the last year to ecommerce due to the pandemic, there has never been a better time to be involved in shaping its future.

What motivated you to apply for the position with PureClarity in 2012?

The opportunity to help develop a world class ecommerce personalisation platform was an offer I could not resist! Helping to design and build the platform, getting our first clients onto it and then helping it grow has been the highlight of my career to date.

I understand that you went to University in York – what led you back to York?

I graduated from the University of York in 2001, and then moved to the South Coast. We moved to Cambridge when we started our family. We have ended up doing a full circle as I now live near where I went to University.

I already knew the city well. I loved the culture and ethos of the city too. It is a bonus that PureClarity’s offices are also based in York, so pre-covid the commute was not far at all.

“John – and the whole technical team – are not only technically great, but they are also completely focused on the user benefits and look at things from a customer and shopper point of view. It’s great to work with John.”

Rachel Swann, Commercial Director at PureClarity

How are you finding the shift to working from home?

I love working from home – no commuting, and I can see the cats all day!

In all seriousness it has been an adjustment shifting the entire company to working remotely, as it has for most companies.

We’re in a great position due to our amazing staff who have risen to the challenge. We’re now fully remote, and the development team in particular will probably remain remote in the long term!

This of course comes with some challenges, but opens the possibility of hiring nationwide, which means we can recruit the top talent to help us push PureClarity forward.

Describe your typical week working for PureClarity?

That’s one of the perks of my role – every day, week and month is completely different from the rest. My typical weekly responsibilities as the Technical Director are to shape the overall direction of the product and oversee the software development team.

Another great thing about my role is it allows me to work closely with all the different teams that make up PureClarity. Recently, I had the pleasure of working alongside the marketing team on the mini showcase we aired over Christmas – it was fun to do something a little different and be creative!

There is never a dull moment – myself and the development team are always busy exploring new options and making improvements to the product.

“John provides a compelling enthusiasm whilst deftly blending targeted help with entrusted autonomy. Constantly thoughtful for others and with deep technical knowledge, conversations result in insights and camaraderie that draw out a person’s best.”

 Peter Brooksbank, Senior Developer at PureClarity

What makes PureClarity stand out from the rest of the field?

A great product firstly – we capitalised on the trend towards cloud computing back in 2012 that allowed us to create a truly unique product that personalises every user on every page they visit – in real time.

All the team is focused on how we can develop a platform that delivers the very best to our clients. I would also like to mention that our support is second to none. We have always prided ourselves on delivering the very best support which means that you never get “stock” answers from a script – often you will be dealing directly with the technical team!

What does the future of PureClarity look like?

Currently, myself and the development team are focusing on road mapping for 2021. We are exploring new options for the product. We are working on improving the plugins for onboarding our clients and looking into more opportunities to integrate into other ecommerce systems and tools.

It is such an exciting time to be a part of PureClarity – the future looks very bright! We have an amazing product and wonderful employees who work very hard to ensure the success of the company.

The main aim for PureClarity is to be the number one ecommerce personalisation platform in the UK and beyond – and I am certain that we are on the right tracks to achieve that title!

Congratulations again – John! We are very lucky to have you and are exceptionally thankful for everything you do for the team and PureClarity. 

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