23rd February 2021 - 3 minutes

Meet Jon Millhouse – our New Business Executive!

PureClarity would like to welcome Jon aboard the PureClarity team. Jon has joined us as our New Business Executive.

To get to know Jon a little better we thought we would put him under the spotlight. Join Jon and I for a quick-fire round of questions.

Tell us about yourself Jon?

I am originally from Derby. I grew up there with my Mum, Dad, and sister. I am now currently living in Nottingham with my partner and two mischievous cats – Mack and Bella.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a footballer by day and a Rockstar by night. If I am honest, I still do. At the age of 30 years old, I think I may have left it a little late, although I still have a strong passion for both.

 I have always been a big football fan. Derby County is the team that I have supported for many years.

Then when I am not singing in the south stand at pride park, I am singing in my music room at home. I have also played guitar since I was 12, and I have a dabble on other instruments too – my most recent purchase was a hand drum!

I would not class myself as a musician, by any means of the word, but I thoroughly enjoy it and believe music is good for the soul.

Other than that, like most people, I have been working remotely since the pandemic.

What were you up to before joining PureClarity?

I started my sales career in renewable energy before moving to the financial industry for five years. In this role I was dealing with mortgages, insurance and built an insurance department for a local mortgage advisory. As good as the prospect of working in finance was, I just did not enjoy it.

Before joining PureClarity I was at another SaaS provider in the paid marketing sector. Tech is an industry I am very happy in.

I enjoy working in sales. I have always enjoyed the social aspect of it. I get to have conversations with people from all walks of life, and I have built good relationships with clients across Europe and the United States.  

What excites you the most about PureClarity?

I joined PureClarity because it is an incredible opportunity. It is a fast-evolving company whose vision and ethos closely matches my own. I have always been a very open and honest person and PureClarity certainly matches this – the clues in the name, I guess.

I can already see that the team has worked very hard on creating an incredible product and reputation that delivers truly fantastic results for our clients. The case studies speak for themselves.  

PureClarity just needed someone to proactively tell people about it – and that is where I come in. I have lots of ideas to bring to the table and I am always thinking up new ways to get the word out. Rachel, our Commercial Director, has already openly encouraged free thought and new ideas which is music to my ears.

Working together, as a team, I believe PureClarity will become the go to name in ecommerce personalisation.

What will your typical week look like at PureClarity?

My typical week will be working very closely with Rachel (Commercial Director), Andre (Strategic Partnership Manager), and Martin (Customer Success Manager) to provide ongoing business support.

I will be identifying new potential clients that can benefit from our amazing platform. This will involve some traditional methods such as phone and email, but I also have some more creative and fun methods up my sleeve which I hope will stand out and be engaging. Throughout lockdown and home working, it’s really important to be inventive with your comms.

Once we have established a genuine requirement for website personalisation, I will be looking to give them a guided tour of the software. If they are impressed (which I am sure they will be) I will get them started on a 30-day free trial or signed up as a paying client. 

From there on in, the results will start to show how valuable PureClarity can be to an ecommerce business.  

Congrats – you have officially completed a week with PureClarity. What was it like?

Every member of PureClarity has been brilliant and made me feel extremely welcome. I met all the team individually to have a chat over zoom. Starting a new role during a worldwide pandemic was quite daunting – and it is a little strange starting a new job and not meeting any of the team in person.

However, being surrounded by such a talented and friendly team has certainly made things an awful lot easier. It has been an extremely busy and exciting week meeting everyone.

PureClarity has a great system set up for working from home, which accommodates everyone’s individual needs.

So, you have joined us specifically to help spread the word – who do you think are the people you will be looking to spread it to?

To start with I will be primarily looking for established UK based ecommerce businesses, who are passionate about growth, and believe in building long lasting profitable relationships with their customers.

PureClarity caters perfectly for companies that are B2C , B2B and B2B2C The store should be built on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or WooCommerce.

If you meet these criteria, expect to hear from me at some point over the coming months but if you do not want to wait for increased conversions, average order, and revenue. Get in touch with me today! I would love to hear from you.

What do you think the future of ecommerce personalisation will look like?

Customers are increasingly looking for a seamless experience whilst shopping online. Imagine you could personally talk to every person that comes onto your online store to build a rapport with them. You could find out their interests, location, past orders, gender, age etc.

Once you have all this information you can then show products that you know that they will like. Once they start to interact with this content you can infer more information about them and present them with further suggestions.

Ecommerce personalisation allows you to do all this and more. It makes showing the right products at the right time easier than ever. It helps you connect with your customers online, whilst still providing a seamless experience.

The end result is lower cost marketing, that converts more with a higher average basket size, which means more profit for the company – and happier customers who keep coming back for more!

So, in short, I believe that ecommerce personalisation is the future of ecommerce.

What makes PureClarity stand out from the rest of the field?

As with most businesses PureClarity has competitors. Healthy competition is good for the market.

What really makes PureClarity stand out is the complete transparency and honesty with our customers as well as outstanding customer service. We make it very clear exactly what our platform has contributed towards in terms of sales and added revenue – and we do not try to take a commission based on those sales.

We charge a flat monthly fee with no hidden costs so you will always know exactly what your cost is for the month, making it easier to budget with no nasty surprises. We also like to check in with everyone at least once a month to make sure that they are getting the support they deserve.

Also, we specialise in working with SME businesses with turnover between £3 million and £40 million turnover which is a growing market, especially in the UK. A lot of our competitors are more expensive and tend to focus more on the Enterprise market.

All the team work exceptionally hard and PureClarity’s client satisfaction rating is 98% reflects this figure.

Thanks Jon! We are very pleased to have you join our team.

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