1st July 2019 - 2 Mins

Meet Martin Fitzgerald – Our New Customer Success Manager

We are thrilled to introduce our latest recruit to the team, Martin Fitzgerald, who joins us as Customer Success Manager. To get to know him better, we put him through his paces with a series of quick-fire questions!

Martin Fitzgerald
Martin Fitzgerald

Martin, what makes you get up in the morning?

Normally the dreaded alarm on my phone, which I almost instantly will hit snooze on! In terms of work, it’s really about making sure the customer experience with us can be as good as possible. That means constantly striving to bring fresh ideas to our processes and product to make sure we are always moving forward.

What did you do before joining PureClarity?

Prior to joining PureClarity, the majority of my experience was in the training industry, where I worked as a Project Manager in the Apprenticeship sector. Most recently, I worked for a SaaS based company, as a Customer Success Manager and gained some fantastic knowledge that I hopefully can bring into my role with PureClarity.

What excites you about working with PureClarity?

So many things! Firstly the product, it’s so great! I was geniuenly amazed when I first got to take a look through PureClarity, it’s such a powerful tool. Secondly the company, it’s a great bunch of people here, and I really look forward to working with them to help PureClarity and our customers!

Describe your typical week working with PureClarity

Typically, I spend the majority of the week in meetings with our clients, or responding to client queries, outside of this I mainly focus on developing the processes we use to interact with customers throughout the customer lifecycle, for example, this might mean trying to improve our onboarding process. I might also write a few blogs too!

What should customers expect when they use PureClarity?

In essence, they should expect a product that really helps engage their customers on their site. That’s the great thing about PureClarity, it has a range of features that can really make an impact. I always advise our clients about how powerful things like our ‘Segment’ feature (Audience Grouping) feature can be. Imagine visiting a site and having content that was personalised for you! In my opinion it really captures my attention if I know that a site has taken that time to personalise my shopping experience.

How can customers get in touch with you?

We have live chat built in to both our website and our product, so customers can get hold of us any time by dropping us a message through there. We typically respond in under 10 minutes (and are aiming to get even quicker!) If email is the preferred communication then we have that covered too! Email: support@pureclarity.com and I’ll get back in touch with you.

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