30th June 2021 - 2 minutes

Meet our new Customer Success Manager – Jon Kirk

PureClarity would like to give a warm welcome to our new Customer Success Manager, Jon Kirk. We are very pleased to have you aboard the PureClarity team. 

To get to know Jon a little better we thought we would put him under the spotlight. Join us for a quick Q&A. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

A Yorkshire lad through and through, though I’ve moved around quite a bit in my younger years. Originally I am from Northallerton. I’ve been as far south as Bedford but ended up back at my roots.

I’m a geek at heart. I love playing computer games (far too many hours on record to admit). I also love tabletop wargames (gamesworkshop), and roleplay games such as Dungeons & Dragons. I’m involved with a Canadian D&D streaming group helping moderate their discord and streams, and I am now also writing content for them!

What were you up to before PureClarity? 

After originally wanting to be an architect and spending 4 years in college, I ended up on the road as a ‘Hobby Manager’ (Trade Sales executive) for Gamesworkshop driving 210,000 miles in 4 years! 

After that I moved into selling, delivering, and training on the use of mapping software with a company in York. 

My latest role was with a software/copier company in Hull as part of their Professional Service team delivering and managing digital document solutions.

Strangely, although most of my roles have revolved around sales, the core has always been around understanding the clients needs and providing the right solution, not just chasing numbers.

What excites you the most about PureClarity? 

I originally saw the job advertisement through Andre. Having worked with Andre before at a previous company, I spotted the role on LinkedIn and went for it. This position also ticked a lot of boxes on what I was looking for as a career progression, so I thought I would go for it!

My main focus will be ensuring that clients are onboarded successfully and get the most out of not just their free trials, but also the excellent functionality we can offer long term. 

An important part for myself will be building relationships with our clients and ensuring we listen to what their individual needs are to ensure we not only deliver a solid solution, but also develop functionality that will be key to further success both for our clients and PureClarity.

So, I know that you have just finished your first week with PureClarity. How did it go?

Hand on heart the first week was amazing, from the structure of the onboarding plan through to the warm team welcome at my first company meeting. It definitely was a case of hitting the ground running but with the support of the team around me – it’s been a great experience so far! 

As to the weeks ahead, “Full” and “Busy” spring to mind…Exciting times, bring it on!

What value will you be adding for PureClarity’s clients? 

I aim to be as hands on with clients as possible, to ensure they get the greatest PureClarity experience possible, launching confidently with solid content and campaigns in place for their ecommerce platforms. Obviously with the current climate this will mainly be via chat, video and calls, whatever the medium, we can adapt to what fits best.

Beyond the ‘digital face to face’ I’ll be working with the team on our Academy and support offering around both content and medium of delivery, ensuring we have clear and easily accessible material to support all our clients.

My main goal is to ensure that all our clients are receiving a personalised and seamless experience, to be able to deliver the best results possible to their ecommerce customers. As I have been told since joining the PureClarity team: “their success is our success” – and rightly so! 

What do you think the future of ecommerce personalisation looks like? And how does it impact businesses? 

Given the rapidly changing digital landscape following COVID 19 and the growing power and capabilities of AI, combined with fast moving modern lifestyles, it means personalisation is only going to become more important. Delivering personalised messages quickly and insightfully is key to capture as well as making the customers experience simple and easy.

In-store experience generally captures an audience based on geography, access, and convenience, with human nature as it is, a lot of people balance the fine line of the effort of going elsewhere verus making do and buying an “OK” equivalent.

With online, because choice is as simple as opening another browser tab, searching for a price comparison, or seeing what ‘deals’ are available (with only your fingers doing the walking), you have mere moments to capture the audience and convert to a sale.

Therefore, ensuring the best offers, prices and relevant choices are front and centre is essential as you do not have the “IKEA walk” opportunity to show all your wares. Even if your site thrives on repeat visits for sales, digital brand, and store loyalty is all to play for as your competition is only a scroll, click and personalised offering away!

Why do you think that PureClarity stands out? 

Although I am new to PureClarity, I’ve already seen the power of the customisation available and the “I” of intelligence well and truly being put into “AI” with clean clear recommendations driving increased AOV and intuitive add on sales.

The onboarding process is simple enough to get up and running quickly for immediate ROI, with then a wealth of functionality to test and play with and grow alongside your business. 

The functionality available for the pricing bands offered make for a cost effective solution and balances the outlay well compared to the easily proven results.

I know I look forward to helping our clients get the most out of not only their 30 day free trials but also the journey beyond as we build those relationships further with regular insight discovery meetings!

Thank you very much Jon! We are all extremely excited to have you join our team. 

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