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Mirror Your In-store Experience Online With Ecommerce Personalisation

As many people know – and may have already enjoyed – the non-essential shops, outdoor hospitality, and other activities and businesses that were previously closed due to Covid-19 have now reopened.

What does this mean for ecommerce?

Online shopping has boomed throughout the ongoing pandemic and – without a shadow of doubt – will still continue to. It is true that many people have already said that they will continue to shop online despite the reopening of physical stores across the UK.

Speaking from experience I know that one of the main reasons that I previously enjoyed visiting the highstreet was for the experience and social aspects of it. It was a nice trip out of the house to socialise with friends and family.

However, the second stage of lockdown comes with many restrictions. The number of people in a store at one time is limited, social distancing is still required, people aren’t allowed to try on products, masks still must be worn etc. Therefore, I think – although the reopening of the highstreet is exciting – it is safe to say that it will not have an immediate impact on what is now the almighty ecommerce world.

Covid-19 has posed many challenges for all businesses – especially on the highstreet. The acquisition of Topshop by ASOS highlights how enterprise sized online businesses have and will continue to have the upper hand.

Online shopping comes with ease, safety and security. The only downfall for some ecommerce businesses is mirroring that in-store personal experience. Luckily, technology has advanced enough to be able to replicate the interactive and relevant  in-store experience online through ecommerce personalisation software.

How can ecommerce personalisation can help?

Ecommerce personalisation is intelligent software that allows online businesses to connect and engage better with their customers. This is done through the use of a  combination of features, such as; monitoring customer behaviour to ensure that the right content and products are being shown at the right time, which in turn creates more revenue and increases conversions.

PureClarity provides the perfect solution for an in-store experience online. We help our clients create 1:1 dialogue with their customers, connect on a deeper level, and target customers based on their interests and behavioural traits. Our ecommerce personalisation software creates personalised user journeys for every single customer every time they visit – which in turn drives revenue, increases average order value, and improves customer retention.

Here are a few ways that online businesses can capitalise on the opportunity to create an in-store experience through e-commerce personalisation tools:

Live Chat

Live Chat is a great feature to engage and connect with your customers. It allows you the ability to offer your customers assistance online. It has been proven to increase customer satisfaction rate, customer loyalty, and increased conversions.

According to Forrester Research, 44% of online shopping have said that Live Chat is one of the most important features an online store can offer its customers. It allows the customers to seek advice and support when and if they need it – like when they are in a physical store.

This research goes onto declare that 57% of customers abandon their purchases due to frustration over unanswered questions.

Lightspeed suggests that on-the-spot customer support and guidance increases customer loyalty, as it creates a memorable user experience. They continue:

“According to a study by eMarketer, 38% of customers who bought from a website following a conversation with a rep over Live Chat reported that they made their purchase due to the chat session itself. 62% of survey respondents said that they are more likely to buy again from an online store that provides this service.”

The luxury of shopping in a physical store means you have access to multiple different staff members who can offer advice or give you assistance. It is clear to see that Live Chat offers an online way of catering to your customers needs, and is vital for matching an in-store experience online.

Benefits of using PureClarity’s Live Chat:

  • See your customers full profile – Our Live Chat feature provides you with the customers full profile and shopping habits based on past visits. This means that you are able to connect on a deeper and more personal level. You could recommend products or suggest complementary items based on their last visit.
  • Provide relevant product recommendations – Our real-time AI recommendations function on Live Chats. This allows you the ability to present the most relevant product recommendations at the right time. If you customer is looking for a new camera why not share a selection of products that you think they will love based on what they have already interacted with. This speeds up the process and makes for a quicker conversion.
  • Provide auto-messaging – We know that to have someone manning the Live Chat at all times would be difficult for some businesses, that’s why our Live Chat leverages our segmentation allowing automated messages to be shown to the right customers at the right time.

Personalised Content

According to Shopify the average customers expectations are soaring. They come to brands expecting personalised content – so, why should you give them anything less than that? Give each visitor a unique online shopping experience that they will not forget by personalising your website content to their needs and interests.

Use targeted content to build product awareness, build loyalty and incentivise purchases by showing promotions and offers that are relevant to the individual and their needs.

Picture it this way: you are out shopping and you see a store that has a big welcome back banner hung above the door, accompanied by a 15% off your next purchase, and in the window you can see products that you like. Next door is a store that has none of this, it is generic and not personalised to you in any way. Which one are you most likely to remember and/or want to engage with?

Personalising your online ecommerce store for the individual has the same concept. The purpose is to make your customers feel more special and give them a better user experience. This in turn will increase sales conversions and revenue, as customers are more likely to interact with something that has been tailored to suit them.

This form of ecommerce personalisation can be done in multiple ways, for instance; personalised banners, searchandising and banner carousels are some of our clients favourites

Product Recommenders

Product recommenders are something that are far from unusual to see on an ecommerce store. Practically every online store you visit will have them. The trouble is that many of the recommendations that you see on your page are irrelevant and non-specific to the individual shopper. Recommenders that do not change in real-time and that are not based on your preferences and buying behavior have less impact, therefore less chance of increasing conversion rate or average order value.

In a 2020 recent survey 81% of online shoppers stated that online personalisation plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions. Hence why it is essential that the products that you are recommending to your customers are hyper-personalised and work in real-time. Targeted product recommendations create opportunities for online stores to upsell or cross-sell, increase average order value, and accelerate sales.

Research from Accenture stated that 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands who provide a memorable customer experience and who repeatedly present relevant offers and recommendations to them. Moreover, our recent blog ‘How To Be Like Amazon’ reveals that product recommendations account for over one-third of Amazon’s total revenue.

I think we can all agree that nobody can argue with those figures!

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