16th July 2018 -

Referrals Reap Rewards

PureClarity Partner Referral Program

Word of mouth has since time immemorial been essential for growing a business. An astonishing 84% of business to business transactions are conducted due to referrals. It’s time to coin a new phrase that instead of points making prizes, it’s now that referrals reap rewards with PureClaritys Partner Referral Program.

If you were told that, through no development of your own, you could help your clients increase their online revenue by an additional 26% on top of what you’re already delivering, what would you say?  Not only that. If you were also told that from those referrals you could earn up to 20% of the additional client revenue generated, I guess you might be asking exactly how.

I could guess at this point you’re thinking, ‘All very well and good, but is it right for our clients?’

Your clients, whether B2C or B2B, using PureClarity, will benefit from being able to offer their online customers a majorly enhanced personalized shopping experience. This is done through PureClaritys ability to track customer’s onsite behaviors, such as the products, categories and brands they are viewing, what they’re adding to their cart and what they are buying, and using that Big Data to drive the personalization behind its powerful features; Personalized SearchPersonalized Merchandising and Personalized Email Campaigns. The platform also enables your customers to set up segmented marketing campaigns providing based on all segment variables of which PureClarity can provide over a hundred. It’s easy to use, provides dedicated onboarding support and is compatible with all major ecommerce platforms. A Magento Approved Technology partner, PureClarity offers integrations for both Magento and Shopify. What’s not to like?

If you have a client base of ecommerce brands that are struggling to know how to use the huge amounts of data that they receive daily, and interpret this into a meaningful strategy, then PureClarity has the perfect solution. In an era of data intelligence, more businesses are now aware that there is a need to shift to data driven strategies.

Maybe now you’re thinking, ‘Well OK, sounds good, but what’s in it for me?’

By offering an ecommerce personalization tool as part of your services mix, you will attract new clients. PureClarity can offer you a competitive advantage when pitching for new accounts and building your business with your existing clients.  Not only that, PureClarity will allow you to grow your agency or business with an additional revenue stream from our Partner Program commission structure. The more of your clients that use PureClarity the greater your income.

PureClarity costs you nothing to become a Partner and it widens your Service offering with Ecommerce Personalization. PureClarity provides you with the necessary tools to help you show your clients how to they can strategically use their Big Data to drive revenue and build brand loyalty.

Also, as a Partner you’ll have access to personalization experts who will provide full sales support to help you through the onboarding of new customers.

So, maybe you like the product and you like the business benefits. What can we tell you about PureClarity that will help you know you are working with a trusted Partner?

Why PureClarity?

PureClarity was founded in 2014 for one purpose alone, to help businesses to maximise their sales online. There are shifting trends for online customers seeking more than the usual key benefits of shopping online such as same day free delivery and returns. PureClarity recognised the need for ecommerce businesses to treat each customer as an individual and provide them with a unique personalised shopping experience. PureClarity has developed intelligent and robust AI technology that observes shoppers’ behaviour online and creates personalized relevant results helping B2B & B2C ecommerce businesses grow.

With a growing portfolio of customers under the PureClarity wing such as The Royal British Legion, Norwich City Football Club, ZyroFisher and many more, each customer is experiencing an average of 26% increase in revenue and over 70% increase in conversion.  The results speak for themselves.

To be honest, we have only scratched the tip of iceberg when it comes to what PureClarity can do in terms of features, marketing capabilities and analytics insights. There are several key bespoke features tailored to the B2B market which meet the newly emerging need for B2B personalisation.

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