11th March 2021 - 3 minutes read time

The Power of Personalising Your Basket Page

Let’s focus on that middle ground in your online shopping experience which lies in between your customers having chosen the products they want and paying for them. The basket page.

Online customers are more likely add and remove items from their online basket than they are from the physical basket or trolley whilst walking around a store.  The ease of one click ‘add to basket’ has been proven as a great tool for online customers just to add products they are interested in and according to Baymard’s research 42% of online shoppers treat the basket page as a wish list or product comparison area.

For this reason, its critical to ensure that customers not only proceed to checkout and pay for all or many of the items they have in their basket, but the cart page is the perfect opportunity to promote additional products to increase basket value. To maximise conversion on this page its critical to understand your customers intent and their buying behaviour.

By using tactical personalised messages, offers and product promotions, all of this is achievable.

The key is to choose from one or a combination of the following tactics of using personalised banner ads, popups, data driven product recommenders and data driven live chat.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Personalised Content

Personalising your online basket page
Personalise your basket page with personalised banners and product recommenders

What better way to encourage customers to proceed with their purchase than to provide a relevant incentive to buy? These incentives can be built via personalised banners and content which can be created for each type of customer based on a wide variety of variables that you can choose from such as on their cart value.


If there’s any offer that might encourage people to make purchases, include it within a pop-up on the basket page. Loyalty programs, discount codes, free shipping qualification, cashback, and gift cards and email sign-up are great options to choose from. Make sure your visitors are well-informed and can easily access these benefits.

Personalised pop-ups on basket page
Personalised pop-ups on basket page

Product Recommenders

Unlike standard in-built recommenders from ecommerce platforms that only allow recommenders to be placed on your homepage and each product page, the beauty of PureClarity’s platform, AI recommenders can be placed anywhere on your website.

Personalised product recommenders on basket page

Showcasing complimentary or alternative higher cost products with more benefits to those held in basket is a great way to encourage users to either add to their basket or swap out their product for a more expensive alternative. This is called upselling. Sometimes, upselling turns out to be a favour by reminding visitors of the products they need but have already forgotten.

The other technique is cross selling.  Cross-selling means suggesting related products that people might need. Many products go in a pair with one another. Without a firm intention and experience, people might not even know they need a product, until they see it. Successful recommenders on the basket page could include products such as ‘Complete the look’, ‘People who bought these also bought’ ‘You may also want to consider’. You could even go as far as to offer products of a certain value that when added will entitle the customer to free shipping.

Live Chat

The best laid plans don’t always go to the way we want them to. What happens if your online customer has questions about delivery options or one of the buttons on your checkout doesn’t work. By having an active live chat facility available on your basket page, you are massively reducing the chances of that customer abandoning their cart.  15% of online shoppers abandon their cart because of website errors, which is too bad, because it can easily be prevented with live chat support.

Personalised livechat on basket page
Personalised livechat on basket page

With PureClarity’s live chat not only can you answer any queries directly, but should there be any product questions, you will have full visibility on what they have looked at, previously bought and what they have in the basket. PureClarity will allow you to search and recommend specific products from your database within chat but will also make product recommendations for you to share with the customer.

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