12th December 2018 - 2 Min Read Time

There’s No Place Like Home(wares and Gift Stores)

There’s nothing more personal than a gift. Carefully thinking about what product will surprise, delight, and inspire the gift recipient is one of the most thoughtful things anyone can do for another. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other gift-giving occasion, it’s paramount that shops do their best to tailor their selection to give each shopper the right choices to purchase the perfect gift.

The task of ensuring the gift is relevant, useful and wonderful is a hard one. Especially when shopping online, which is where most gift-buying happens nowadays. In person, shop assistants can ask questions, make observations, and help those shoppers get the perfect gift. Visitors to a store can look and feel different items, making sure their choice is the right one.

Online, it’s harder. A lot of online stores are set up so that shoppers must know exactly what they’re looking for to find it on the store, which takes out a lot of the fun and magic of shopping. There’s no tailored product selection to make it easy and enjoyable to find their loved ones that perfect gift.

Businesses can make it a lot easier for their customers by going that extra mile and tailoring the shopping experience for their customers. Today we’re going to look at how Widdop & Co, a B2B gift-giving company, uses PureClarity personalisation to deliver the very best to their customers – and how it gives them a boost in revenue, conversion rate, and average order value.

  1. The First Step

As a first-time visitor on the Widdop & Co page, you’ll see a welcome banner along with the best-selling brands and categories onsite. If you’re new to Widdop, this is perfect as you can immediately see some of the types of products on offer and begin to think about what you would like to supply your customers with. You’ll also see some relevant banners, teaching you key facts about how the site operates and an often-forgotten gift for Christmas: batteries.

This works well to welcome you onto the online shop and start trying to anticipate your needs, giving you more time to pick out the perfect products.

2. Perfect Pairs

If you click on a product – perhaps one from the recommenders we’ve just seen – we get taken to a product page. Scrolling down, we see that there is a recommendation for what people bought in addition to the product I’m currently looking at.

This is a perfect opportunity to show your customers products they might not be aware of, but would be interested in.

3. Recommended Just For You

Widdop have a recommendations page – somewhere businesses can go to get some inspiration and round off their order nicely. This page is perfect for anticipating the needs of those clients who want a little extra hand-holding. As a thoughtful, considerate touch, it does the equivalent of a shop assistant showing their customers products they’re sure the client would be interested in.

From a business perspective, it’s counter productive not to have product recommendations, or a recommendation page! When people click on that tab, they’re looking to click and buy products perfect for them and their business, resulting in one of the highest-converting areas on the whole site.

The Takeaway Message

If you’re in the business of selling gifts, one of the most personal and thoughtful industries, you need to be on top of your game when it comes to personalisation. Be the company that surprises and delights your client base with the perfect gifts for them, not the company that wants to offer their customers relevant products but doesn’t know how.

Sit back and watch as PureClarity takes care of your clients for you, boosting your revenue, AOV, and conversion rate to boot.

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