Personalized Merchandising

Increase Average Order Value by 15.6% using AI-based personalized recommenders and enriched personalized visual merchandising

PureClarity will deliver the ultimate personalized experience to your visitors and customers with fully automated artificial intelligence-based recommenders.  Enrich with targeted promotional and awareness banners with personalized campaigns based on your visitors’ onsite & offsite behavior and predictive likes.

Increase Sales With 1-1

Personalized AI Recommenders

PureClarity’s Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continuously collects and analyzes data from every visitor interaction on your site in real-time and uses this data to deliver a truly personalized experience as your visitors browse.

  • AI chooses best recommendation strategy for an Individual
  • AI chooses most relevant products, categories & brands
  • AI learns behavior of the crowd, customer segments and the individual
  • AI uses viewing & buying habits, product associations, demographics and predictive behavior to learn
Fully Automated

All of PureClarity’s recommenders are fully automated with the option to override for more control.

30+ Recommender Types

Choose from over 30 different product, category or brand recommenders - or let the Artificial Intelligence choose for you!

Targeted & Relevant

Enrich with Manual Personalized Recommenders

For those times when you want to push specific products, brands & categories to targeted groups of customers you can override the AI and show tailored manual recommenders.

  • Create your own recommenders
  • Target specific customer groups based on behavior
  • Build focused & relevant sales events
  • Schedule their go-live date as part of a personalized campaign
Stoplight, Promote, Incentivize

Enrich with Personalized Banners & Image Carousels

Enrich the experience with personalized banners targeted at the individual based on their past & current behavior.

  • Spotlight relevant products, categories & brands
  • Targeted promotions that are appropriate
  • Upsell & cross-sell based on individual’s predictive likes
  • Re-enforce loyalty
  • Build awareness
  • Incentivize to Purchase
Get Personal

Personalize Any Page & Any Zone

PureClarity enables you to place personalized merchandising zones featuring recommenders, banner images, carousels or HTML throughout the entire user journey on your website including Home Page, Product Pages, Category Pages, Basket, Order Confirmation Page, Mega Menu, Global, My Recommendations Page and many more..

Personalize Your Site's Content

Give Each Visitor a Unique Experience

PureClarity’s machine learning means the system knows not only which products each customer and segment wants to see within each recommender, but also which type of recommender to present to each segment. Simply set the system to run in ‘AI mode’ and each area will be optimized automatically! Enrich with Manual Personalized Banners designed to promote, cross-sell and upsell!

Male Rowers, Average Order Value <£75
Regular Buyer of Female Sportswear
First Time Visitor
Behavior Based Ecommerce

Personalized Campaigns

Create personalized campaigns with specific goals targeted at multiple customer segments that meet certain criteria. Target visitors with promotional & awareness banners, manual recommendations, AI recommenders and even HTML in any merchandising zone. Also, influence the search results based on the campaign goals.

Sales Events

Create personalized sales events, e.g. Women’s Clothing Sale for Female customers


Create a cross-sell campaign to incentivize purchase of related products based on predictive buying behavior of an individual


Upsell current products in basket or past products bought based on other visitors' behavior.

Awareness & Loyalty

Create campaigns relevant to the individual to generate awareness & loyalty.

Visitor Frequency

Offer promotions based on visitor frequency to encourage conversion & loyalty, e.g. 10% off for first time visitor from the USA, 20% off next visit.

Session Based

Show offers based on search results, basket content, onsite viewing behavior, weather, visitor's location and more..

Traffic Source

Tailor the site for the visitor based on AdWord click, initial landing page, email campaign click and more..


Influence search results and show appropriate banners, e.g. ‘Summer Sale’ return ‘summer’ products on search results and show '10% off Summer Dresses' banner on search for 'Dresses'.
A/B Test your Personalization Campaigns

10% off or Free Delivery? Set up A/B tests for each personalized campaign to discover your best performing content.

A/B Test your Personalization Campaigns

10% off or Free Delivery? Set up A/B tests for each personalized campaign to discover your best performing content.

Real-Time, Dynamic Personalization

Campaign Rules

PureClarity’s Campaign Rules allow you to deliver advanced personalization using real-time, dynamic segmentation. Create personalized campaigns based on where your visitors are located, how they found your site, what time it is, what device they are on and even what the weather is like!

In addition to creating ‘off-site’ Campaign Rules, PureClarity can automatically fine-tune each visitor’s experience based on the products they have added to their basket, the value of those items, what they have searched for on your site or which pages they have viewed. The results? Improved customer experience, online revenue and lifetime value.

Customer Segmentation

You can use Customer Segmentation in PureClarity to help teach the software the importance of certain customer groups, you can also use Customer Segmentation to setup optimized Search Rules and Personalized Merchandising Campaigns to target specific customer groups.

Lucy, 62, Boston, USA

Loves Homewares. Regular shopper who spends average $70 per month.

Currently in New York (Raining)

David, 24, Los Angeles, USA

Loves Music & Gadgets, Likes Men's Clothes. Spends average $130 per month.

Currently in Santa Monica (Sunny)

Jeremy, 37, London, UK

Loves Gardening, Likes Candles & Accessories. Spends average $70 per month.

Currently in London (Raining)

Standard Customer Segments

Out-of-the-box segments to report against and use in search rules, campaigns and email broadcasts.

  • First Time Visitor
  • Returning Visitor – No Purchase
  • Returning Customer - One Purchase
  • Returning Customer - Two Purchases
  • Returning Customer - Multiple Purchase
  • Never Bought
  • VIP Customer
  • High Spender
  • High Ticket Item Buyer
  • Low Ticket Item Buyer
  • Abandoned Cart Customer
  • Frequent Visitor
  • 3 Months Since Last Purchase
  • 6 Months Since Last Purchase
  • Off-The-Grid (Lost Customers)
  • And More...

You can add many more and further refine with current browsing activity and external referral source (e.g. AdWord).

Advanced Customer Segments

Setup niche segments for highly-targeted personalized campaigns & email campaigns.

  • Related Products not Bought
  • Buy Again
  • Brand and Category Preferences
  • Time based Purchases
  • Previously Viewed Product, Brand or Category Not Yet Bought
  • Previously Bought Product, Brand or Category
  • Returning Customer - Order Over X
  • Time based Visits
  • Past Searches
  • Past Search but not Purchased
  • Demographics Based (User Data)

Personalize using...

You can enhance the 1-1 personalized user's experience using the variables to promote and market personally to the individual...

Weather & Season
City & Location
Current & Past Browsing
Current & Past Searches
Purchase Behavior
Cart Contents
Age & Gender
Time Habits
Likes & Dislikes
Email Campaigns
AdWords Campaign
Visitor's Device
The results

Increase in Revenue and Sales Conversions

Personalization within Search, Merchandising and Email, you'll agree that the results speak for themselves...

increase in revenue
increase in conversions
increase in average order value
  • Increased Online Revenue by 26%
  • Increased Sales Conversions by 71%
  • Increased Average Order Value by 16%

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