Are you considering using data driven product recommenders?

Predict what your customers want even before they know they need it

In a 2020 recent survey 81% of online shoppers stated that online personalisation plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions.

Website visitors don’t always know exactly what they are looking for when they arrive on your ecommerce store and like when in store like to be presented with recommendations, alternative suggestions and complementary items.

Website browsing is the usual initial behaviour for any new customer so it’s important to grab their attention straight away by showing them products they are going to be interested in. Targeted product recommendations create opportunities for sellers to upsell or cross-sell, increase average order value and accelerate sales.

Benefits of PureClarity recommenders over standard ecommerce recommenders

There are 3 key benefits to data driven personalised product recommenders over those offered via ecommerce platform marketplaces. A good product recommendation platform should be able to continuously learn and adapt itself flexibly to new user behaviour.

  1.  They change in real-time. Ecommerce platform recommenders are used is that they are not dynamic but are based on fixed rules as to which products they show. A commonly seen recommender is ‘People who bought this also bought’. Standard product recommenders do not pull-on real-time data based on current shopping behaviour, previous searches and products viewed and bought, overall trends and those relevant to the customer segment. Standard recommenders present the same products throughout the website and quickly become obsolete and irrelevant.
  2. PureClarity product recommenders can be placed on any page of your website and within your emails. Standard recommenders can only be placed on your website homepage and on each product page.
  3. PureClarity’s AI determines which recommender to place throughout your visitors’ online journey, presenting the most relevant recommender for optimal conversion as well as never showing any duplicate products.

Where to place product recommenders for optimal conversion

Product recommenders can be placed anywhere on your website whether that’s on the homepage, category listing and product pages through to basket, checkout, order confirmation pages and even within your emails.  Here are some examples:


Your homepage is your shop window and grabbing your visitor’s attention from the get-go is critical to conversion.  You have so many options of what to show here. These could include product recommenders for best sellers, products that are currently trending within your customer segment, products we think you’ll love, based on your previous searches, products based on your previous buying history.

Adwords Campaign with PureClarity AI recommenders

Category listing pages

Product recommenders based on best sellers within that category or products within that category that have been viewed and liked before, products that based on the key words used within the website search functionality.

PureClarity AI Recommender Engine increasing sales and average order value

Product page

Product recommenders such as ‘Customers who liked this also liked’ – a great opportunity to upsell and cross sell. Use product recommenders to promote alternative options to the product itself or even additional complementary products to complete the look.

Basket page

Product recommenders such as ‘Don’t miss out…’, ‘Customers who bought these also bought’, ‘Make sure you qualify for free shipping’ – a great opportunity to upsell and cross sell, encourage customers to buy more to qualify for free shipping or additional products that compliment the items in their basket.

Confirmation page

Try ‘Free shipping if you order within 60 mins’ incentives for visitors to buy more. Some retailers offer the opportunity for free shipping if additional orders are placed within a certain time frame.

PureClarity offers full visibility on which recommenders are being seen by customers and those that aren’t. Alerts are available to you within the PureClarity admin that highlight which recommenders need to be repositioned for better visibility.

Within email

Transparency is key when understanding what value your products recommenders are adding to your bottom line. PureClarity offers a bespoke Recommender ROI tool within its admin which shows you the number of orders placed via your recommenders and the revenue driven by each product recommender.

Understanding the value of your product recommenders

Transparency is key when understanding what value your products recommenders are adding to your bottom line. PureClarity offers a bespoke Recommender ROI tool within its admin which shows you the number of orders placed via your recommenders and the revenue driven by each product recommender.

Its important to know how your recommenders are not only impacting your revenue but also orders, average order value and SKU count in each order.

Within the PureClarity admin your campaign analytics gives great insight into how many people have clicked on your recommender, how many orders have been placed as a result of that recommender, revenue total and conversion rate. More importantly you can see performance before using PureClarity and then with PureClarity to give you a true view on your return in investment.

Saving you time and resource

One of the big questions we come across when new clients are onboarding is how long will this take to set up and how much time do I need to dedicate to my product recommender campaigns.  Data driven product recommenders are highly effective at driving revenue and average order value but just imagine the amount of time it would take to set these up manually and constantly keep them updated with every visitors click. Absolutely impossible.  PureClarity saves you time, makes your website experience stickier and ultimately drives revenue.

As soon as PureClarity is installed you have the option to enable floating recommenders straight away on your website.

Once you have decided where you want to place your recommenders throughout your website pages and they are set up, that’s all you have to do.  You can decide who sees what recommender where and when, and the AI will get to work straight away making sure the right recommender is shown at the right time for maximum conversion.

At this point you can seriously sit back and focus on other things and let the AI do all the hard work for you.

If you want to build your own custom recommender, this takes no time at all.  There may be times you want to push certain new product lines to certain customer groups and this is incredible easy.  We would love to show you how.

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So what’s next?

So if you are keen to find out more about how PureClarity can help you grow your business online through the use of intelligent product recommenders plus a wide range of ecommerce personalisation features, get in touch and we can give you a personalised demo for your online business.