In-depth Reporting Dashboard

PureClarity’s intuitive reporting dashboard provides in-depth performance metrics across searchandising, behavioural merchandising and automated email marketing. This reporting tool provides you with all of the evidence and data you will need to make informed future decisions and fine tune your campaigns.

Reports can easily be filtered based on time period and individual behavioural profiles and with over 100 metrics you’ll be able to pull comprehensive reports in minutes.


of marketers are experiencing good ROI after personalising their online stores

Invesp, 2013

Snapshot Reports

Want to quickly pull reports for each campaign? PureClarity provides drill-down reports for each individual campaign showing performance and conversion funnel overviews. This enables you to quickly see which are your most effective campaigns.

All reports can be easily exported as PDFs or spreadsheets to save time and make life a little simpler!


According to Econsultancy, personalisation immediately increases conversion by 15%, session time by 20% and login frequency by 20%

Econsultancy, 2014


All about Marcus

32, Super Socialiser, London

“I really enjoy shopping online. I hate wandering down Oxford Street in rush hour trying to find some new jeans, I’d much rather sit on my iPad with a beer and order them! I’m out most weekends so tend to order on a Monday or Tuesday night to make sure I get my new clothes before Friday. It seems like it’s always someone’s birthday or celebration too so I usually order gifts at the same time – it’s so much easier!

I never get round to opening my emails but I’m always checking my Instagram feed and posting pics of my nights out. I have friends all over the world so it’s great to see what everyone is up to!”

Optimise Campaigns for Marcus

PureClarity’s extensive reporting capabilities mean you can fine-tune your campaigns for specific profiles. PureClarity has learnt that Marcus reacts to Free Delivery offers, however doesn’t often open emails.

You can run a campaign test based on automated emails vs on-site pop-ups showcasing a Free Delivery offer. Once this test has run against Marcus’s profile, head to your reporting dashboard to see which the most effective method of communication is. Following this test you can continue to fine-tune by running more tests such as time of day marketing, different promotions and showcasing different products.

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