What is PureClarity?

PureClarity is a suite of powerful ecommerce personalisation products, each using advanced artificial intelligence with the aim to increase your online sales, increase average order value and re-engage lost customers. PureClarity’s product suite includes Personalised Site Search, Personalised Merchandising and Advanced Reporting.

PureClarity achieves this by collecting and analysing individual customer behaviour such as website views, purchase history, previous engagement, search keywords, customer trends, social likes and visitor demographics.

The Three Levels of Personalisation

There are three levels to ecommerce personalisation, to deliver the most relevant results and products to visitors it is important that all three levels are used. PureClarity collects data from ever single visitor to your website, it then uses this data to analyse crowd-based trends, identify and recommend customer segments and deliver highly personalised experiences to each individual.

PureClarity’s hybrid algorithms and Artificial Intelligence engine work together to build profiles for each of your customers. PureClarity can then present highly relevant product recommenders such as ‘Based on your last visit, we recommend’ as well as delivering search results ordered by previous behaviour and products highly relevant for that customer.

The results?
Increased sales, increased average order value and more engaged, happier customers.


Crowd Based

This involves using crowd-sourced intelligence to understand how users as a whole are interacting with your website and make recommendations to all visitors such as ‘Most Viewed’ or ‘Top Sellers’.


Segmentation uses attributes such as favourite product types or average order value to group similar customers and uses learned data to present relevant content to each group.


Personalisation is all about collecting data about a user’s individual behaviour including individual likes and dislikes, and using this data in combination with crowd based and segmentation data to provide unique recommendations, content and search results.




Personalised Site Search

Typically, over half of all online shoppers use the ecommerce site search function whilst browsing a website. PureClarity’s search technology provides your website users with a highly intelligent, personalised search experience including an autocomplete dropdown, multi-faceted filters and results scoring algorithm to ensure your customers are always presented with the most relevant products.


Personalised Merchandising

PureClarity will show highly relevant products and promotions throughout the user journey. PureClarity’s merchandising product identifies your customers individually and personalises multiple merchandise zones around your website such as promotional banners, personalised product recommenders, product carousels based on their, and your other customers, previous behaviour.


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