Personalised Merchandising

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Real-time personalised merchandising

PureClarity’s data analysis and AI engine continuously collects and analyses data in real-time meaning your customers receive a truly personalised experience even as they browse. The personalisation engine learns as they go and personalises areas around your website with the most relevant products, content and promotions.

It’s all about Big Data. PureClarity’s data collection engine records all visitor behaviour and sends that information to the PureClarity AI Engine to determine personalisation. Whilst this all happens behind the scenes, your customers see products perfectly suited to their needs.


Real-time marketing increases conversion rate by an average of 26%

Econsultancy, 2014

Personalised Product Recommenders

PureClarity’s recommender system identifies your customers individually and presents the most relevant products, categories or brand names based on their, and your other customers’ previous behaviour.

With over 100 different recommender types PureClarity allows you to engage with your visitors and increase online sales an average of 50%. Key recommender types include ‘Frequently bought together’ and ‘You May Like’.


of what consumers purchase on Amazon and 75% of what they watch on Netflix come from personalised product recommendations

McKinsey 2013


Personalised Merchandising Zones

Personalised Merchandising Zones (PMZs) are areas on your web pages that can be used to merchandise products. PMZs can be quickly and easily added to your existing ecommerce site.

These PMZ’s allow you to showcase personalised behavioural marketing campaigns based on a customer’s behavioural profile using creative ad banners, product recommenders, promotions and pop-ups. There are 18 different zone types, including: homepage, global, product page, enter site pop-up, basket and more…


of marketers say “dynamic, personalised content” across channels is very important

Adobe and DMA 2013

Personalised Product Listings

Quite simply, PureClarity will always show your customers what they want to see. That means if they browse your category pages or product list pages the products will be sorted by ‘relevance’ which is, of course, personalised for each customer.

This means you can show a visitor their favourite colour, type of product or brand at the top of each page as they browse – it’s all about enriching the experience.


of retailers that use automated product recommendations increased their average order value year over year

Forrester Research 2013

Create, Edit and Preview

We understand how important it is to be able to quickly and easily build your personalised campaigns. The Personalised Campaign Editor allows you to respond quickly to new profiles and in just a few clicks set up a complete personalised campaign.

We know how important it is to be able to preview your personalised campaigns. PureClarity gives you the opportunity to view your campaigns through the eyes of your customers, whether they be first time visitors or high spenders. Simply click the preview button and check you are happy with your BMZs.

Introducing Tim

37, Photography Enthusiast, Manchester.

My true hobby is photography, over the years I’ve built up a large collection of cameras and lenses – I like to treat myself to the latest technology every 6 months or so. I’m very picky about the products I buy and often spend a lot so I like to do my research and make sure I’m confident that I’m buying the best equipment available.

I tend to use sites that offer me a lot of information about the cameras, I’d rather buy from somewhere I know I can trust than shop around for the best price. I’m happy to pay a bit more if it means excellent service!


Target Tim and similar customers

Use automated emails to keep Tim up to date with the latest products and camera reviews. When Tim visits the site, PureClarity’s Behavioural Merchandising feature will automatically show him the latest cameras and will present key messaging such as ‘Nikon FR467 – A Complete Review’ encouraging him to read more about your products and make a purchase.

PureClarity will learn which brands Tim likes and will present personalised product recommenders featuring his favourite brands. For example, if Tim purchased a Canon camera in his last order PureClarity will present Canon lenses and Canon camera bags when he next visits your site.

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