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PureClarity are specialists in intelligent e-commerce personalisation. Increase revenue and average order value with our range of features that convert your online visitors into loyal customers.

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At PureClarity our mission is that every shopper should have a unique and relevant shopping experience.

Convert more visitors into buyers with automated product recommenderspersonalised content, popups and chat bots

Create personalised experiences to reduce bounce rate

Give each customer a unique experience through personalised content tailored to their likes, interests, and needs. 

Personalise any content on your site with offers and promotions that are relevant to the individual.

Ensure your visitors engage with your site and convert more often.

Influence customers to buy more by promoting products

Our automated product recommenders effectively up sell and cross sell products that PureClarity knows your customers will love.

Our powerful AI will show personalised recommendations ‘created for the individual’ in real time based on their viewing and buying history, encouraging them to spend more. 

Our clients see a large increase in their average basket value because PureClarity shows the right products at the right time.

Entice customers now with personalised pop ups

Pop ups are a great way to command attention, increase conversions, and get your customers to take action. Show eye catching promotional offers or email capture popups using PureClarity. 

Take pop ups to the next level by using PureClarity’s real time customer segmentation.

Show the right message at the right time and convert more into loyal customers.

Personalise emails to create loyal customers

Entice customers back to your store by including relevant, personalised product recommendations within your emails.

Our automated recommendations can be embedded in any email you send – regardless of your email tool.

Use live chat to improve your customer service & increase conversions

Customers convert more when they engage with you.

Our live chat was built from the ground up to be focused 100% on e-commerce. Our live chat shows all the information you need in real-time to guide your customers and help them convert.

See instantly what they are viewing now, what they have bought in the past and even drag and drop PureClarity’s top suggested products into the live chat.

Learn about your customers using chat bots

Reduce support costs by using chat bots to answer frequently asked questions.

Our chat bots integrate into customer segmentation. Ask questions in a chat bot and instantly personalise the entire site. Personalisation has never been this powerful.

Take it to the next level by showing different chat bots to different customers. Learn more, personalise more, convert more.

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Plugins for all major ecommerce platforms
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