14th August 2020 - 4 Min Read Time

PureClarity Partners With The Cream of Manchester’s Ecommerce Agencies – Fluid Digital

PureClarity are delighted to partner with one of Manchester’s fastest growing and innovative award winning ecommerce agencies Fluid Digital. Fluid Digital focus on helping their clients businesses grow and have gone from strength to strength over the last ten years with the results they have created being testament to their passion and involvement in providing the right solutions. They have a fantastic relationship with both the Magento and Shopify teams and are Magento 2 Certified with Magento Professional Solution Partner status and an official Shopify Partner agency.

So rather than us tell you about them, we asked Joshua Hobson, Fluid Digitals Marketing Manager to join us for a little Q&A to tell us about their agency, their services and what the secret to their success is.

Joshua Hobson, Marketing Manager, Fluid Digital

This is what Joshua said:

Q: Tell us a little bit about Fluid Digital?

A: We are an ecommerce growth agency based in Manchester working with online brands to build and grow successful ecommerce stores. Some of our clients include Moda Furnishings, Augustinus Bader, ChloBo and Trutex.

Q: What kind of services does Fluid Digital offer its clients?

A: We build both Magento and Shopify ecommerce sites, and drive traffic to these sites through the power of PPC. We also work with Amazon retailers through our Amazon marketing services. We pride ourselves on our fantastic and growing area of ecommerce consultancy which helps retailers who don’t know how to get from A to B with their online business. We help businesses usually from £1 million upwards in turnover to maximise their growth and increase their revenues, to improve their strategic aims whether this is to improve their operational efficiency or how to drive more traffic to their site. We offer a huge variety of solutions bespoke to each business.

Q: Describe the profile of your client base

A: Our client base is varied; however, we do have expertise in home and garden, health and beauty, fashion and accessories and business and industrial (B2B) retailers. We tend to work with ambitious ecommerce retailers and have helped them to grow quickly and cost effectively. We quickly understand the unique challenges that face each of our clients and implement the most effective strategy.

Q: What would you say is Fluid Digitals unique selling point above and beyond other ecommerce agencies?

A: Our 10 years of experience and ecommerce expertise is the first thing that sets us apart. We are an established ecommerce agency and we really know our stuff. Our focus on wider ecommerce growth also sets us apart as we understand that retailers don’t just ’need a website’ – they need an ecommerce growth plan which might include PPC, Amazon etc. 

Q: Change in objectives of your clients over the last 12 months

A: Most of our clients have continued to increase their growth targets (even through the pandemic) as ecommerce sales continue to boom. These ambitious retailers are looking for ways to support their customer base and acquire new customers by selling online.

Some clients are selling online for the first time and need digital transformation, whilst others are established online retailers and are looking at how to take their store to the next level.

Q: What seem to be your clients biggest challenges?

A: Ecommerce growth is the biggest challenge for many. A lot of retailers are unsure as to how to take their store to the next level of growth. This is especially true for retailers who have just migrated to Magento 2 after a long migration, who are now asking ’now what?’ We help our clients get the most of their platforms.

Q: How does Fluid Digital address these challenges?

A: We work with retailers to understand what their needs are and either work with them on a new site or new marketing strategy or connect them to the right partners to help them achieve their targets. At the beginning of every conversation or project, we understand what ecommerce platforms they need (whether this is Magento or Shopify), and what technologies they need to support their site or campaign. 

Q: Where have you seen the biggest growth area within your agency?

A: Especially in lockdown, more retailers are diversifying their channels, and this is the biggest growth area. Whether they’re an established retailer looking to sell on Amazon, or a B2B retailer looking to go D2C for the first time, retailers are looking for ways to find new retail channels to continue their ecommerce growth.

Q:Why did Fluid Digital choose to Partner up with PureClarity?

A: Personalisation is a fast growing area of ecommerce and many retailers are still unsure about what this entails. We aim to educate our clients and other retailers we work with on how personalisation technology works, and how to fully take advantage of this to improve conversion rates, average order values and customer retention. We chose to partner with PureClarity as they offer the most comprehensive set of personalisation and customer engagement features on the market. Their product is effective and affordable for our clients. Already one of our clients Cablecraft has started to see great results from working with PureClarity.

Q: What portion of your client base are actively seeking solutions to provide an engaging online shopping experience?

A: All of them. Every single one.

Q: What does 5 years from now look like for Fluid Digital?

Who knows? We have ambitious targets for the agency to continue to be a leading independent ecommerce agency in the North and be a leading Magento and Shopify agency across the UK. However, one of the key lessons of the coronavirus pandemic is that we must be agile and adapt to the retail climate, just as the retailers we work with must.

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