Are you looking to grow your online sales, basket values and conversion rate?

PureClarity customers are enjoying…

26.6 26.6%

Increase in revenue

71.5 71.5%

Increase in conversion

15.6 15.6%

Increase in average order value

Companies using PureClarity

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Stand out from your competitors and give your
customers a highly personalised shopping experience

Personalised content

Display personalised banners, images & text to engage with visitors, turn them into buyers and incentivise returning customers. Learn more >

Intelligent recommendations

Use powerful personalised recommendations to upsell and cross-sell products at the right time. Whether your webstore has very little or a lot of trading history our comprehensive recommender engine will learn what the best products are to display. Learn more >

Personalisation within search

Help customers find what they’re looking for by displaying relevant products as they search. Learn more >

Personalisation within email

Use personalised email campaigns to entice customers back based on products they’ve viewed and bought in the past. Integrate into your existing Email Service Provider (Mailchimp, Dotdigital and more). Learn more >

Personalised pop-ups

Keep your customers informed of your latest products, news and offers with personalised email capture pop-ups. Learn more >

Live chat

Use a combination of real-time information about the customers current behaviours so you can help them find exactly what they want. Learn more >

Audience segmentation

Use pre-built and custom made conditions to target visitors using powerful, goal orientated marketing campaigns. Learn more >

Insights & analytics

Gain deeper insights into visitor behaviour and learn how to maximise your web stores potential in order to increase revenue. Learn more >


“We have experienced absolutely excellent results since working with PureClarity. Our average order value has jumped from £115 to £135 and conversion has increased from 2.1%-2.4% in the last 12 months”

James Maack – Marketing Manager at Cutwel

PureClarity simply plugs-in to your existing e-commerce platform

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