24th November 2020 - 5 minutes

Put Your Ecommerce Store on the Nice List this Christmas

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is an increase in; customer engagement, revenue and conversion rate on my eCommerce site. 

Let’s not let the Grinch (or more formally known as Covid-19) steal Christmas!

Give back to your customers by providing them with a personalised and engaging online shopping experience this Christmas through ecommerce personalisation software. This successful strategy not only strengthens customer loyalty, it drives revenue and increases conversions too.

Ecommerce personalisation; the gift that keeps on giving!

We conducted a relatively large piece of market research into the perceptions of AI earlier this year which revealed that a lot of ecommerce businesses continued to face ongoing challenges such as:

  • Building a loyal customer database
  • Ensuring site stands out from competitors
  • Incorporating personalised customer journeys
  • Monitoring online success
  • Staying on trend

The great news is all of these challenges can easily be overcome by implementing ecommerce personalisation software into your online store.

AI-driven ecommerce personalisation technology, like PureClarity, collects data about all visitors that enter your site.

The intelligent software tracks the level of engagement that an individual visitor has with you onsite and offsite, and gains a holistic understanding of their shopping habits, online behaviour and interests. This data is then used to present relevant and personalised content such as product recommendations, marketing campaigns such as offers, popups and banners which adapt in real-time depending on the users behaviour.

Sound complicated? Well, one of the great things about PureClarity is that this information is then neatly packaged into easily processed analytics for you to review and monitor the success of your online success.

Add PureClarity to your Christmas wish list to ensure the happiness of the holidays lasts all year long!

Peace (of mind) and joy (at the results) this Christmas starts with ecommerce personalisation

We researched 250 UK SME businesses (with an annual turnover of £2 million – £30 million) and  found that only 66% of the SMEs had attempted to adopt some form of software technology to try address the challenges they face online.

Out of this group only 11% had started implementing or were currently working with an ecommerce personalisation provider. Their justification for doing so was, in summary, to get ahead of the competition, increase customer spend, improve online conversion rates and sales, whilst still maintaining to deliver the best possible service to their customers.

From investigating further our market research disclosed that these early adopters of ecommerce personalisation have found nothing but peace and joy. The results concluded;

  • 80% said there has been an increase in average order value
  • 59% deduced an increase in customer loyalty
  • 72% have seen an increase in sales
  • 52% noticed an increase in brand awareness
  • 48% said their bounced rate has improved
  • 31% have received better customer feedback
  • 17% have had more consistency in messaging across all channels

The proof is in the eCommerce personalisation pudding!

Deck the halls with PureClarity

2020 has given us more than enough reasons to start the festivities early this year – and what better way to spread the Christmas cheer by decorating your online store.

PureClarity offers a range of seasonal themed templates that you can adopt or use to inspire your own Christmas campaigns, banners, pop ups, recommenders, and more – the list of possibilities is endless when it comes to PureClarity’s personalisation applications.

Online Christmas shopping is going to be different this year due to Covid-19, so why not try to lift your customers spirits with a festive online store to visit? But don’t just take my advice for it Joanne Burman, Head of Marketing at PureClarity, suggests:

 “All online customers love a promotion at Christmas time. Offering relevant and personalised promotions may be the difference between customers deciding to hit that checkout button or heading back to Google to find a better deal.”

Joanne continues to say:

“That being said, promotions are plentiful at Christmas time and there is a risk of customers becoming swamped with options that are not relevant to their buying habits. To ensure that you are offering the right promotion to the right customer at the right time use your behavioural profiling to determine which promotions will appeal to your customers.”

“For example, you may have identified customers that purchase at the very last minute, an offer for free next day delivery may work best. Or, for customers who usually spend £75, a 10% offer when spending over £85 suddenly looks very appealing.”

Joanne goes on to give more insightful advice when considering personalising your site for the holidays;

“Often Christmas shoppers have multiple gifts to buy. The opportunity for upselling is great – however, marketers need to ensure that upselling areas do not distract the user and break up a typical user journey. The way to do this is to place highly relevant product recommendations at the right points in the journey including home page, product page, search results page and basket page.”

“Don’t forget, upselling doesn’t end when a purchase has been made. Set up automated emails to go out with additional relevant products and offers that will encourage your customers to return again and again.” (Joanne Burman, 2020) 

Let PureClarity make all your wishes come true this season

PureClarity’s advanced AI-driven ecommerce personalisation software and abundant feature range makes personalising your online store less time consuming, affordable, effective and easier than ever.

Our most popular features include;

If you wish to find out more about PureClarity then do not hesitate – book a free demo or download our 30 day free trial today!

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