9th November 2018 - 4 Min Read Time

Why Real-Time Personalisation Is Critical for Online Growth

The growth in consumer demand for real-time personalisation is at an all time high. It’s a fact, customers are not only becoming more connected, they are also becoming more informed, empowered, impatient, demanding and unpredictable. It’s an ever-changing tide of consumer behaviour when you consider the sheer volume of options consumers have when in the market for a product or service. Consumers can afford to pick and choose like never before, so personalising their online experience is one of the main ways you can grab their attention and make their experience memorable.

There’s one survival mantra that businesses now need to stand by: Relevance means Rewards

When a person arrives at your website there are so many unknowns in terms of their intentions. What to buy, when to buy and if to buy. It is impossible to count the amount of intention variables that could sit around a single customer which is why it’s extremely important to deliver relevance from the minute they land on your site.

Be prepared to give them an exceptional experience

The online expectation cuts many parallels with a virtual visit to a high street shop.

Make it feel like your customer has arrived at your high street store for the first time. They are greeted by a free shopping assistant who can help them find exactly what they are looking for, that remembers their name when they come back a second time.This assistant remembers your customers’ likes and dislikes, makes subtle suggestions to other products they may like, shows them what is trending at the moment, offers a discount at the till if they mention the assistants name, sends  an email when you have new products that you may like offering a free lunch and coffee when you come back. They know their budget, what they have bought in the past and more importantly, what they will want in the future.

Keep it relevant

Real-time personalisation is a way to automatically deliver tailored and relevant content to different groups of visitors to your site learning through each interaction and delivering the right content to each visitor in the context of their previous interactions with the brand. Only the best online shopping experiences are going to grab customers attention and keep it.

Start today

Technology that supports real-time ecommerce personalisation is here. Real-time data, analytics, and consumer connectivity have all made it possible to bring new relevance to marketing. By tailoring the digital experience with strong relevancy, you will help your visitors achieve what they want. When you make your customers happy they share, share, share and share some more.

Not only does real-time personalization help reduce a high bounce rate but it also helps move your customers through your ecommerce customer lifecycle.  By optimising experiences by offering relevant products, offers, incentives and recommendations to the right customer segment based on their preferences and brand affinity to date, customer are more likely to remain more loyal to a brand than ever before. Did you know that business’s top 1% of customers are 18 times more valuable than the rest put together. Real-time ecommerce personalisation expedites the customers journey into invaluable loyal segment.  The goal, improved conversion rates, customers spending more frequently, is achieved.

Searching for a relevant solution

Many ecommerce platforms now offer extensions which allow businesses to introduce an element of personalisation onto their sites.  These tend to be basic recommender technology which you customise to your brand offering the likes of, “You may also like”, “Most viewed”, “What others are currently buying”.  These recommenders are not based on big data machine learning nor are they targeting predefined customer segments. They are mainly based on the overall majority which are the trends seen across the site.

What ecommerce platforms don’t do is allow you to create as many customer segments as your business require. In  order to keep up with competition, you need to implement relevant and customised recommendations, overlaying relevant marketing campaigns to each of those customer groups with personalised banners, promotions, image carousels and emails including order confirmations, abandoned carts and reminders.  For maximum impact and to meet the demands of today’s online consumer these personalisation features need to walk boldly hand in hand.   It’s important to be able to personalise any area and page of your website from homepage through to your checkout and order confirmation. It’s vital to ensure all pages through your ecommerce funnel are highly personalised to each customer, allowing the content to adapt and change in real-time based on the consumers previous actions and behaviours. Don’t let go for a minute.  When the experience becomes irrelevant the consumers are gone.

There’s good news and there’s great news

The good news is that retail marketers can immediately integrate machine learning and AI personalisation solutions into their current marketing and ecommerce activity, including their existing email service provider. Regardless of the amount of data you have to date, the AI gets to work from day one.  Doing so delivers exponential accuracy and better results, which immediately impact your bottom lines.

The great news is that there are now solutions on the market which are highly cost effective and guarantee you seeing a good ROI quickly.

So, if you have been questioning whether there is any benefit to integrating real-time ecommerce personalisation into your ecommerce and marketing automation stack, the question should really be whether you can afford not to.

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