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Increase Sales Conversions by 71.5% using AI-based personalization within search. Include recommenders and targeted banners within your search results bar.

Welcome to PureClarity Resources where you can download our free resources. Learn more about ecommerce personalization and how this has helped many businesses and how it can help yours.

Buyer's Guide To Ecommerce Personalization

The complete buyer’s guide to selecting the right ecommerce personalization platform.  Providing market best practices and top tips this guide covers all aspects that need considering including:

  • Benefits of ecommerce personalization
  • Essential personalization functionality
  • Understanding and segmenting your audience
  • Page types and placements
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Best practices implementation
  • Costing and pricing alternatives
  • Full buyer’s guide checklist

PureClarity Explainer Video

See in the less than one minute how PureClarity works and how ecommerce personalization can increase your revenue by 26%.

Welcome to PureClarity Support. Here you can find all the information and help you will need for implementing and onboarding PureClarity.

As a PureClarity Client you will immediately be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will ensure that you get started straight away and will ensure that you get the best out of PureClarity.

One-on-One Support

Get all the support you need during your implementation. Our technical team is happy to provide advice, support, and assistance you need while you’re onboarding.

Strategy Meeting

Take advantage of a personal strategy meeting with your success manager to determine your industry-specific goals and how best to use PureClarity to achieve them.

Onboarding Video

Watch our onboarding video walk you through the first steps of using PureClarity. Get to grips with all the basic features, and build on them as you learn.

Maximize Performance

Optimize PureClarity configuration to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit from Pureclarity on your site. Learn which settings to tweak to get the best results for your site.

Trouble Shooting

Get started without any worries as we will guide you through trouble-shooting and ensure PureClarity is running smoothly and at optimum performance. We are there to help for as long as you need.

Best Practice

Learn strategic best practice for your industry. From personalized placements and page types to customer segmentation strategy, your Success Manager will be able to advise on personalization best practices.

Your Success Manager

Our Success Management team will keep an eye on your account to see what’s working and what’s not. We’ll be in touch with any new ideas we have for you, suggestions for fine-tuning  as well as any features you might not be using that we think you’ll enjoy. You’ll be kept up-to-date on the latest releases and any new features they have.

Our Support Centre covers questions you may have for implementation, onboarding and how to get started. It includes both easy to follow user guides and implementation guides.  Also within this area you will get access to our announcements on new releases, future development plans and events that may be of interest to you.

2 Major Website Challenges And How to Overcome Them

Learn how to overcome two key challenges facing Ecommerce and Marketing teams when trying to improve your online conversion rate.

  • Key challenges identified
  • Actionable steps that you can take to overcome each challenge
  • How Ecommerce Personalization overcomes these challenges with ease

Ecommerce Personalization in the B2B Market

B2B consumers are demanding personalization more than ever. This comprehensive guide outlines:

  • How to distinguish your different buyer personas
  • How to guide these buyers through the customer lifecycle
  • Three key personalization strategies for building a personalization base
  • Tips and tricks to leverage quick wins in your business
Personalized Content for Every Visitor

Why PureClarity Personalization?

PureClarity provides you with a powerful personalized merchandising toolset, powered by Artifical Intelligence and machine learning - without the management overhead! With PureClarity, you can choose to leave the system to run itself and manually override where needed.

All-in-one platform

PureClarity’s features provide you with a seamless, fully integrated solution without the need for separate suppliers.

30+ Recommender Types

Choose from over 30 different product, category or brand recommenders - or let the Artificial Intelligence choose for you!

Hundreds of Segment Variables

Create customer segments based on behavior or upload your own variables such as demographical or other CRM data.

Measurable ROI

PureClarity is completely transparent, allowing you to see which recommenders, personalized campaigns and emails are performing best.

No Developer Required!

PureClarity’s dashboard allows you to set up new personalized campaigns in a matter of minutes - with no developer resource needed!

Integrates With All Ecommerce Platforms

PureClarity integrates with all Ecommerce Platforms with extensions for Magento, Shopfiy, WooCommerce and BigCommerce readily available.

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