27th June 2018 -

Why SaaS Support Matters

It doesn’t matter how revolutionary or ground-breaking your product is. If you can’t support your clients through free trials, implementation, configuration and beyond, they won’t stay for long. What distinguishes SaaS from other business models is the necessity to not only acquire customers, but also retain them. While product innovation is certainly important, it might be a mistake to consider it the core of your success model. As SaaS becomes more and more the standard model for software sales, Customer Service and Support needs to be absolutely top-notch to keep your clients faithful and happy.  This is why SaaS support matters.

This is especially true for products which can be aimed at non-developers, like eCommerce personalization software. While eCommerce personalization software is one of the biggest growth areas happening in software right now, not all companies have the resources to deal with any technology that’s beyond an initial intuitive understanding.

In some ways, the products available for eCommerce have outstripped their customer base in terms of technological advancement. Developers are increasingly in high demand, but few of them are hired by people like your customers – online B2B suppliers, boutique jewellery shops, or even just the online extension of a local mom-and-pop shop looking to increase their sales. It’s likely that they will not have a tech-minded person in their company expressly available to manage eCommerce software, so if they’re forward thinking enough to take on your product, it means the world to them if you are able to guide them, where needed, through every step of the journey.

More likely than not, a digital marketer or other non-technical member of the company will oversee implementing and managing your software. If you don’t come from a techy background, anything even vaguely technical can be off-putting. To that end, you want to make your product intuitive, easy and even fun to use. You need to back your product up every step of the way with high-quality education, relevant support articles, contactable tech teams, and an easily-navigable design. You want your company and product to feel like an extension of theirs, natural and expected.

Apart from having an intuitive product and lots of resources readily available for the querying customer, it’s crucial to be on top of customer relations. Like any other business, you want to make your customers feel like they’re being listened to. That means offering a range of contact options – phone, email, and even chat. It’s important to be quick replying to them, too! You should consider their suggestions, listen to their feedback, keep them up-to-date on your roadmap plans, and let them know that their feedback is critical for future enhancements. This is how you can promote great client relationships and make sure they feel like they’re getting the most out of your product.

Ultimately, you want your clients to feel like you value them and their custom, and that you’re not going to pursue financial advancement at their expense. The way you treat your customers is an extension of your company ethos – how your company operates, what your ideals and motivations are. A company that treats its customers like the gold they are is a company that has the right values at heart.

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