Personalisation Software
for B2C and B2B businesses

Whether you are a B2C or B2B business PureClarity is designed to increase your online sales by 22%. It does this by analysing your visitor’s behaviour and using this data to personalise online experiences in real-time.

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B2C Brilliance

PureClarity’s powerful data collection engine analyses behaviour from all of your customers and identifies customer profiles based on clustered patterns. PureClarity is perfect for B2C retailers who want to engage with each and every customer through targeted product recommenders and promotions.


B2C companies using personalisation gain 19% uplift in sales

Econsultancy, 2013

B2B Tailoring

PureClarity’s features are extremely effective when used within the B2B industry. PureClarity recognises users as companies rather than individuals, this means recommendations and promotions are personalised at a company level for each visitor. 


Personalisation leads to 47% improved customer retention

Econsultancy, 2014
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