Integration & Setup


Onboarding Made Easy

Our aim is to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start defining your behavioural profiles, setting up your personalised campaigns and delivering a more engaging experience for your customers. PureClarity integrates with all major Ecommerce Platforms, even bespoke solutions! When you sign up the PureClarity team will guide you through the simple 4-step onboarding process.

Tracking Code & Product Feeds

PureClarity uses a simple Tracking Code that needs to be added across your website. The Tracking Code captures user activities, this behavioural data will then be analysed by PureClarity’s AI Engine to create a personalised experience for new and existing customers. Much like Google Shopping, PureClarity requires a number of feeds to be implemented to provide its personalised behavioural analysis, search and merchandising.

The following feeds are required:

  • Product Feed
  • Category Feed
  • Brand Feed
  • Order Import Feed

Personalised Campaign Setup

In addition to implementing PureClarity on your website, our team can work closely with you to identify and build your first personalised campaign. We will review your historical analytical data to identify your first behavioural profile and guide you through the steps of setting up your campaign including creating merchandising zones, uploading personalised content and setting up search rules.

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