25th February 2021 - 10 minutes

Spring Your Ecommerce Store Into Action

Finally, after a long winter, the sun has started to peek through the clouds, the daffodils are blossoming, and the chocolate eggs are stacked high on the shelves – this can only mean one thing – it’s Springtime!

Who else is ready for some well needed vitamin C, good excuse to indulge on chocolate and greenery? I know I am. Fingers crossed that our Spring is as glorious as it was last year.

As many of us know, Spring 2020 is not just remembered for its good weather, March 2020 was the beginning of lockdown for the UK.

Who would have thought that a whole year later we would be in a similar position? The great news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. An exciting announcement on 22nd February suggested that the end of lockdown is near.

Although lockdown might be ending it is certain that the way people shop has changed forever and the ecommerce industry will continue to grow post-pandemic.

One thing is for sure lockdown has certainly spring boarded online sales for some businesses.

Econsultancy reports that IMRG Capgemini Online Retail Results for January reveal that UK online sales grew 74% year-on-year in January 2021, which is the largest rate of growth since the start of the first lockdown in March 2020.

With that in mind, let’s spring clean your ecommerce store from top to bottom. This season is all about new beginnings and opportunities – so, what better place to start than with your online store?

Not only is Spring a key seasonal event for SMEs, Mother’s Day (14th March 2021) and Easter (4th April 2021) are two national holidays that occur during the months of Spring.

So let’s discuss ways we can inspire you to plant new content on your site to keep your customers engaged throughout Springtime.

Mind the spring trail of bad puns along the way.

Spring clean and spruce up your online store

Let’s spring your online store into action with ecommerce personalisation. Ecommerce personalisation is the best way for you to offer a 121 dialogue and experience with your customers. And we all need those interactions and conversations now more than ever.

In this section we will discuss how applying segmentation to your audiences, adding product recommenders, and implementing personalised content onto your ecommerce store will boost your online sales this Spring.

  • Sunny segmentation

Audience segmentation is a great way to create 1-2-1 personalised dialogue with each of your visitors. Not only does it allow you to communicate better with your visitors, it increases customer retention and profitability.

PureClarity allows you to create a variety of audience segments. Customers can be segmented or grouped according to external factors such as location, or the device they are using to access your website. In addition, you can use pre-built criteria to segment your audiences, such as; whether they are a first time visitor or a loyal customer.

One that our clients find particularly effective is ‘Sunny Visitors’.Spring is in the air. Now is the perfect time to target your customers with content based on their location and weather – and an easy way to do this is through segmentation.

This kind of campaign could run throughout Spring and Summer.

If you have different products that sell well through a particular season such as outdoor furniture or gardening tools, you could set up a banner or a carousel with the ‘Sunny Visitors Segment’ applied to it. The campaign could read, “Get your garden Spring ready!”. When a shopper from a location where the daffs are poking their heads through  appears on your site then this will be the content that they are presented with.

Top tip: Whenever you create a Campaign, Popup or Auto Live Chat Message in PureClarity, you will get the choice to select a Segment to target your content at. You can always select an existing Segment or create new ones.

  • Spring your offers on your customers through personalised pop-ups

Pop-ups are a great way to keep your customers informed of your latest products, news and offers. They are known to drive engagement and increase your conversion rate if used well. The number of places that a pop-up can appear and be effective are endless.

Start with a pop-up that appears on your homepage. If you are a fashion retailer this popup could announce your new Spring lines. If you are feeling extra generous you could include a 15% off discount code to use at the checkout on all Spring products.

Or include a Spring themed pop-up that appears in the basket offering “FREE delivery when you spend £30 or more! Use code SPRINGFREE”.

PureClarity offers you with a selection of pre-made Spring themed graphics to use within your pop ups or you can simply use your own graphics.

  • Ensure your site looks blooming good through personalised content

Use targeted content to build product awareness, build loyalty and incentivise purchases by showing promotions and offers that are relevant to the individual as soon as they step foot onto your site.

PureClarity allows you to create personalised banners that are relevant to each of your customer groups. You could greet new visitors with a warm welcome or reward returning visitors with a 10% off code. The options are endless.

PureClarity offers a selection of pre-made Spring banners that you can use. Or if you are feeling creative you can input your own.

Mother’s Day Campaign ideas

Mother’s Day is round the corner – Sunday 14th March – and is an important sales event for ecommerce businesses.

Get ahead of the competition by decorating your online store with new content for your customers to enjoy. Highlight key Mother’s Day gifts and sales through email campaigns, product recommenders and searchandising.

Top tip: Mums come in all shapes and forms. Address all content to appeal to all kinds of ‘Mothers’ this Mother’s Day. For instance, ‘We have the perfect gifts for Mothers, Wives, Step-Mothers, Work Mothers, Grandmas, Aunties and Dads’ this Mother’s Day!’

  • Hand pick the perfect product recommenders

Showing the right products at the right time is easier than ever with PureClarity. Our product recommendations boosts conversions, maximises average order value and increases customer engagement.

Create powerful personalised recommenders created for the individual based on their own personal navigation, viewing and buying history or create your own custom built recommender showcasing your best Mothers Day gifts

Highlight the products and deals you know your customers will love. Make it easy for your customers to find the perfect gifts for their Mothers this Mother’s Day without having to search.

PureClarity recommenders can be placed in any zone. Set manual product recommenders to show a selection of your best Mother’s Day gifts. The title of the recommender could be ‘Treat your loved ones this Mother’s Day!’ to ensure inclusivity.

If you sell items that compliment one another, you could introduce a bundle package exclusively for Mother’s Day. For instance, if you are a florist you could include a free box of chocolates with every purchase over £40. Or include an option for luxury wrapping for additional fee.

  • Convert faster through searchandising 

Help your customers find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts through search. Use targeted search terms such as Mother’s Day gifts, flowers, chocolates, or gift ideas.

Optimise conversion by presenting highly relevant recommendations within the search bar as people search and helping visitors find what they need quicker. Control where your customer goes based on what they search for.

For instance, you could create a product listing page that is specifically designed to home all our Mother’s Day gift ideas. When people search for this term they could be redirected to this page.

Product listing pages can be as simple or complex as you please. You could simply list all the products that fall under the search term identified or group the products further into ‘experience gifts’, ‘gifts for first time Mother’s’ or ‘gifts for Mothers that have everything’.

This experience wizard is currently running within our PureClarity admin. Try our 30 day free trial here to get started >

  • Send your customers a Mother’s Day ecard 

Maximise revenue and customer loyalty by including personalised recommendations within email.

When you send out your Mother’s Day campaign include product recommenders and gift inspiration to incentivise your customers, to buy their perfect Mother’s Day gift with you. These products could feature your ‘best sellers’ or include a link to visit a product listing page dedicated to your Mother’s Day gifts.

To make your Mother’s Day email campaign even better, why not create a sense of urgency but including an incentive to buy. Delivery arrivals are always a worry for customers. Reassure them if they buy before X date, they will be guaranteed to receive it before X. “Hurry! If buy before X date, and we guarantee you will get it by X”.

Make your customers hoppy this Easter

The Easter bunny is on its way. Start decorating your site egg-tra Easter-y. Spread the Easter cheer to your visitors through your site – your customers will always appreciate it and it will increase the chances of conversion.

Easter is a worldwide celebration and not everyone appreciates chocolate eggs. Incentivise your customers to purchase alternative Easter gifts this year such as your personalised range of Easter plant pots.

Easter symbolises ‘rebirth’ and new beginnings, this could be used to your advantage to push new products: “Try something new this Easter!”

We recommend starting with personalised content, pop ups and customer segmentation to ensure that your sales hop (not flop) this Easter.

  • Customer segmentation (egg-mentation): cart abandonment

As I pointed out earlier customer segmentation is a great way to appeal to certain types of audiences. PureClarity allows you to segment your customers in any way you want. These segments can then be added to any campaign that you produce (e.g. a banner, carousel or recommender ).

As Easter is a worldwide holiday celebrated by many, you could target people based on their behaviour with the site. If your customer adds something into their basket, that could potentially be paired with another item, then you could promote this item to them within the checkout basket through recommenders or a pop-up.

Not only will this allow you the opportunity to advertise your range of products, it increases the chance of a more expensive purchase.

For instance, including product recommenders that appear on the  basket page when the customer has added some of your Easter related products. Or include a pop-up that shouts about other products that compliment the one(s) in their basket – such as carrot seeds to compliment the plant pot.

  • Pop-up (hop up) to your customers

Create a pop up that gifts your customers with a 10% discount code on all products as their Easter treat. PureClarity’s campaign creator allows you to choose whatever style, size or graphics you want – so be as creative as you like. We also provide examples of seasonal pop-ups so take advantage of this to get some inspiration.

  • Make your site look cracking with personalised content

If there is any time to make your site look egg-cellent it is now. Why not decorate your site from top to (bunny) tale with Easter themed content? This could be an Easter themed personalised banner or a carousel of all recommended Easter gift products.

As your Easter present to your customers include a banner that features a free delivery code to use from now until 4th April. This banner could include a minimum spend of £20 to be eligible for this offer.

65% of consumers check to see if a website has free delivery options before browsing the site. This will be a nice little Easter treat for your customers and will encourage them to purchase something.

Get your online store post-lockdown ready this Spring

Spring is not the only thing on everyone’s mind now. The nation was recently informed (22nd February 2021) that post-lockdown life is within our reach – and as you can imagine everyone is very excited for some normality. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to excite their customers with Spring / post-lockdown themed content.

If you are a fashion retailer think about creating campaigns around post-lockdown outfits. People will be soon allowed to meet up again so help them to look fabulous..

Moreover, the restrictions (if all goes to plan) are set to loosen gradually throughout Spring and Summer. Groups of six are soon set to be allowed to meet in outdoor spaces. If you sell outdoor equipment, inspire your customers to get their garden’s BBQ ready through personalised campaigns such as pop ups and emails.

Or if you sell PPE you could consider campaigns around staying safe during the ease out of lockdown with manual product recommenders pointing towards sanitisers.

Who are PureClarity?

PureClarity is an award-winning ecommerce personalisation software solution that is affordable, easy-to-use, and adaptable to you and your businesses ecommerce priorities.

Let PureClarity spring your ecommerce store into action.

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