14th February 2020 - 5 Min Read Time

The UK’s One and Only!

It’s not every day one of the team come into the office and announced that they have been accredited with something no one else in the UK has! Our Senior PHP Developer Gareth James came into the office yesterday today and announced that he had passed the “Magento 2 Professional Developer Plus” certification and is now officially the only developer in the UK to have this!

I looked this accreditation up online to find out a little more on Magento itself.

“This exam is for a senior Magento 2 developer/architect with 2 years of experience in customizing different areas of Magento Commerce, leading team(s) of Magento developers, leading projects, making key technical decisions on a Magento project, and working with customers to build project requirements. By passing this exam the developer will earn the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus credential.

This exam will validate the skills and knowledge needed to customize Magento in the following areas: core architecture, UI modifications, catalog, checkout, Magento Commerce features and security. The exam will also validate the ability to make architectural decisions, forecast the impact of a customization, and will test understanding of core mechanisms in the most important areas like price calculation for a product, checkout and quote operations.

This exam is based on Magento Commerce v2.2

I was impressed. Curious to know more I thought I would ask him a few questions about this to help us understand more.

Q:  Wow, that’s impressive, to be the only person in the UK to have this accreditation. Can you explain to us what exactly this is?

A: The “Magento 2 Professional Developer Plus” certification is for developers with a few years of Magento experience, in order to prove a high level of knowledge of how to develop and what impact your developments will have in Magento environment. It is designed to give a broad, detailed coverage of Magento 2 Open Source & Commerce features. People who have this certification can be relied upon to work with all aspects of Magento 2 and ensure they follow best practices.

Q. So, what was the reason behind you taking the exam?

A: I passed the Professional Developer exam back in June last year (at Meet Magento DE), and I wanted to challenge myself to go even further and get the next level of certification. It also helps me prove to myself (and others) that I have a high level of knowledge of Magento.

Q:  I am not great in exam conditions. How was the exam itself?

A: It was 60 multiple choice questions and I had 90 minutes to answer. It was quite difficult, as a good chunk of the questions are cleverly-crafted scenarios requiring some thought as to what the answer would be. Sometimes questions had multiple answers that could, in theory, be correct, but only one fitted the scenario. So, it was a pretty intense 90 minutes!

Q:  Were there any particular areas of Magento that the exam focused on? E.g. Staging in M2 Commerce / UI?

A: You can pretty much name any feature in Magento Commerce and it was there in some form! From content staging, RMAs, message queues, UI components in admin, extending the checkout, extending the catalog, working with the database. So, it covered a very wide area, though that didn’t dilute the quality of questions.

Q: How important is this exam?

A: I’d say it’s quite important, there are plenty of companies offering Magento development services and extensions on the market. Having developers with certifications can help ensure the knowledge within your team is good enough! It also provides merchants with a level of trust that the developers they are working with will provide them with a good quality site.

I’d recommend any agency/tech partner to ensure their developers work towards these certifications, as it will help ensure high quality for the merchants on the platform.

We’re lucky that Magento provides the opportunity for developers’ certifications. These are the proof of professionalism, confirmation of profound knowledge and hands-on experience, which can be checked any time on the official Magento certification website

Q: What benefits will this bring to your Magento work here at PureClarity?

A: This will make sure that any new features, improvements or fixes made to our Magento 2 extension will take into account the many features of Magento while following best practices to ensure performance, security, and reliability.

Some of the methodology behind the approach to development in terms of best practices and that Magento advocate will also help our WooCommerce, X-Cart and Magento 1 extensions too!

Q:  How important is it to stay fully abreast of Magento2 changes and functionality?

A: The Magento 2 platform is constantly improving so it keeps you on your toes! As an extension provider, it’s vital we stay up to date so that if any of our customers upgrade to the latest version, they can rely on our module not to break. Each new feature also provides an opportunity to enhance the PureClarity extension, as we can leverage these new features where it makes sense for us to do so.

Q: Do you feel this accreditation will soon become a mainstream requirement for Magento Developers?

A: I don’t think it will become a requirement, but I think there will always be a heavy preference to partner with or buy extensions from companies with certified developers. It provides the reassurance that you’re working with people who know what they’re doing.

Q:  So what’s next?

A: Next up I’m targeting the Magento 2 Front end & Javascript certifications. With the aim of becoming a “Full Stack” developer. This will help level-up my knowledge of the frontend of Magento.

Q:  What’s the ultimate aim?

A: The goal is to get all the available certifications, as working towards each one will expand my knowledge of the platform.

Q: How did your kids react to the news? Is Daddy a Magento Superhero?

A: My kids were pleased, especially my 11-year-old as she’d been giving me motivational advice based on her own recent push to get better at her spelling tests, which I thought was quite sweet!

Very well done Gareth. Sterling work being the only Magento Developer in the UK to have this.   We are superhero proud of you. https://bit.ly/2wiM9yH

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