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Three B2B Strategies To Increase Online Revenue

B2B Companies and their clients have the same goal: for the client to go home happy, having purchased the perfect product. Use the best recommendation strategies for each customer that comes onto your site and maximize the chances of that happy outcome. Here we’ll discuss three key B2B strategies: the cross-sell, the buy-again, and the cart-based recommendations.

1. Cross Sell

Every marketer knows of the cross sell. Essentially, lots of products have great complementary products that go well together when purchased.

For example, if you’re a dental supplier, and lots of your customers buy gloves, chances are they’re also in the market for a glove dispenser. And for some reason, they’re not buying it from you. You can change that.

Think of the reasons why they might not be buying it. Have they just not seen it? Are they not sold on the quality? Is the price holding them back? If they haven’t seen it, the perfect place to put this recommendation is on the cart page. Right after they’ve added the first item to their cart, they’ll be exposed to the second and they’ll inevitably think, we do need that perfect product. *Add to cart*

You’ve just increased your average cart value in one easy step!

If you think maybe they’re just not sure of the quality, this is the perfect opportunity to prove your worth. Offer them a free sample of your proposed cross-sell – get them used to using your product. Then, in a month, when the time comes to shop with you again, they’ll have that built-up goodwill and they’ll buy the second product from you.

If the price is a little out of their typical budget, offer them a discount for that specific product. They’ll be pleased that you’ve noticed what they need and tried to address their concerns. Most likely they will make that purchase with you now, and in the future.

This strategy is all about anticipating your clients’ needs. Show them you understand their struggles and that you have the perfect solution for them, and they’ll reward you.

2. Buy Again

B2Bs have accounts who buy the same thing month on month. Make their journey easier by placing a recommendation of their most frequently bought products right on their homepage or account page, whichever they use most often. This streamlines their shopping process and makes their lives easier as well as making sure they continue to spend the same amount with you, if not more.

Focus on best-sellers, exclusive ranges, and products that are likely to sell out soon.

And what might they do with the extra time they saved? Maybe they’ll continue to look around on your site for other products they’d like. Maybe they’ll be more receptive to other offers and banners on your site.

Maybe they’ll be in the perfect frame of mind for you to hit them with the cross-sell mentioned earlier, perfectly paired for the products they buy most often.

You can begin to see how these strategies can build on each other for maximum result!

This strategy is all about streamlining and optimising their shopping experience with you, creating that goodwill and establishing yourself as an easy-to-use site. It’s simple logic – the easier it is to find everything they need and add it to their cart, the more they’ll spend.

3. Cart Based

If you’re struggling to get a higher average order value, or even if it’s already high but you’d like to increase it (and who doesn’t), this strategy is perfect for you.

It’s simple to create recommendations to promote products based on two factors: products currently in their cart (going back to the cross-sell) and cart value.

At its foundation, it’s basic: For carts that are under a certain amount, create an incentive to raise it. The execution is completely up to you. For example, maybe you want to promote the fact that you do free shipping on carts over a certain amount.

Simply pair an informational banner with a recommender filled with products that conveniently make it just over the minimum free shipping amount.

Maybe your customers are spending exactly enough to get free shipping but no more. This is a great opportunity to offer a freebie with larger orders. As soon as they go over that free shipping amount and go to check-out, show them that banner to get a gift item or discount, such as 5% off their next order.

If you want to ultra-personalise, you can pair this with the cross-sell relevant for them. Essentially, give your customers a reason to spend more money with you, and make it easy to do so. For example, for orders of gloves over £500, get a free glove dispenser.

In Summary

These three recommendation strategies can be used on any buyer persona who’s shopped with you before. Our clients have seen truly spectacular results by using personalised recommendations on their clients, and now you can too.

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