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Turn A Happy Halloween Into An Online Revenue Machine

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, 148 million consumers still plan to participate in Halloween this year with a 2020 forecast spend of over £7billion.

There is no getting away from the fact that in the UK we are very likely to be in the middle of a two week national lockdown on October 31st and naturally there will be less social Halloween celebrations planned. But it’s not all doom and gloom. For many, Halloween represents the early start of the festive buying season. Halloween officially announces the start of the Autumn season. The clocks will have changed, the nights get darker quicker and once Halloween happens,  Black Friday and Cyber Monday officially launch the start of Christmas shopping mania. But it all starts psychologically at Halloween. The promise of the shopping season ahead. Spooky!

Everyone loves a pumpkin

Although not a public holiday in the UK like it is in places like the US, where it’s listed as the second most popular holiday after Christmas, Halloween represents a key recognised milestone in the annual retail event calendar both at home and away. Halloween has a strong visual theme that can be used to show your customers that your online business is up to date, relevant, on the mark and fun. Halloween symbolises fun, festivities, pranks, games, pumpkins, costumes, candles, food and drink and last but not least, sweet treats.  What’s not to love about Halloween?

It’s not just for the kids

Halloween is not just for kids anymore. 48% of adults now usually wear a Halloween costume, 16% of people dress up their pets, and 49% of homes are decorated in some way. So even with the scary coronavirus pandemic restrictions that we are all under, there are still many people who like to throw themselves into the pumpkin cheer and try to have a good time and smile. Something we could do with a glass of that right now.

Online retail growth

So instead of people going out on the high street to enjoy the festoons of ghouls, witches and scary decorations through their favourite high street stores, shoppers are staying home and switching online.  Recognising this traditional time of the year, goes along way to appealing to customers on an emotional and playful level.

Ready for a startling statistic? According to the Office of National Statistics internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales has grown from 18.8% in May 2019 to 32.8% in 2020.  Now who wouldn’t want their fair share of that pumpkin pie?

How can you personalise your website and provide a celebratory nod to this seasonal landmark?

There are many ways in which PureClarity can quickly help you create effective personalised themed customer experiences whether you are targeting a first time buyer or any of your other customer segment groups. Newly introduced to PureClarity are ‘personalised setup experience wizards’ which allow users to quickly create event themed personalisation marketing campaigns on their website.

So, for Halloween as an example, PureClarity can easily signpost you to create:

1. Halloween themed homepage banner ads

The main visual on your shop window. By adding a personalised Halloween hero banner for all new customers to see, you are providing them with a wicked welcome to your store. Businesses can select from a suite of graphics to include on their homepage or upload a graphic of their choice.  Banners can be used to create excitement in the lead up to a sale or simply promote the event and key products and lines directly.

2. Themed Halloween product recommenders

These can be AI driven recommenders or custom hand picked recommenders created by you.  Offer devilish delights via building a crafty custom recommender of your favourite seasonal Halloween lines.

You can choose from key lines you want to promote at this time of year e.g. New lines for Autumn and cherry pick from a selection of themed recommender headers such as:

·        Spooktacular Best Sellers
·        Devilish Delights Hand Picked For You
·        No Trick – Just Time for A Treat
·        Naughty But Nice – Just For You
·        Hauntingly Good Offers Just For Boo
·        Our Latest Arrivals To Get You In the Spooky Spirit

3. Spookily targeted personalised popups

We all love a discount popup especially when we are in two minds as to whether to buy. It’s no trick but a real treat. Offering spooktacular discounts to your customers via popups are guaranteed to get your customers blood pumping and keep them coming back for more!

Themed popups will not only be eye catching but will incentivise your online shopper to go ahead with their purchase. When popups are placed on the right page with the right message at the right time, they can be incredibly effective towards your conversion rate.  Popups can provide informational links, discount, and offer codes and encourage email sign ups.  It’s a sure fire way to win Halloween revenue.

4. Live chat automated messages

PureClarity’s live chat allows you to send themed automated messages to your customers, so what better way to grab a potential buyers attention than to present them with a themed message inviting them to engage with you. Once they start to engage you can present them with products you know they will love based on their customer profile, what they are looking at as well as what they have looked at and bought in the past.

5. Halloween themed emails

Since the curse of Covid-19 arrived on our doorsteps, businesses have increasingly relied on email to reengage with customers inviting them back to their online store. Our inboxes are frightening full, so businesses need to ensure that their emails stand out from the competition. What better way to do this than to include spookily relevant product recommendations in an email that a customer will find hard to resist. Mummify these recommendations and wrap them up with Halloween themed recommender titles and add a great Halloween banner to your email to create standout, relevance, and a great experience.

PureClarity offers a full suite of set up wizard set up experiences utilising each of its personalisation features.  These experiences are available throughout the year for key retail events which maximise the revenue you drive in the lead up to each key retail event. It’s never been easier to use with spooktacular results.

Try PureClarity for free if you dare or simply request a demo to find out more.

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