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Welcome to PureClarity Popups

We have been all systems go since Covid-19 lockdown working on a range of new features to add to PureClarity. The first of these we are pleased to announce is Popups.

Popups are designed to convert website visitors at key buying stages within a website by offering them incentives to remain engaged whether this is via newsletter subscription, an incentive to purchase there or simply registering for future offers.

How Effective are Popups?

If popups appear at the right time to the right visitor, they can be highly effective. Popups need to add true value to the customer shopping experience. 20-70% of website visitors will provide their contact details when ‘good value’ popups are used. Websites that bombard visitors from the outset with irrelevant popups will find their visitors will quickly become annoyed and leave. The key to an effective popup is relevance and timing.  The key benefits of popups are:

  • They will organically grow your customer email list
  • They will help to promote your content
  • They will incentivise customers to purchase through offers and incentives

Sumos recent popup statistics from analysing 2 billion popup examples shows that conversion from a pop-up can be as high as 9.28% and the average conversion across the board being 3.09%. If you website has 100,000 visitors per month – that’s a lot of data capture and sales off the back of an effective popup.

PureClarity Popup Features

PureClarity’s new Popups offer 10 fantastic features so you can ensure your popups will maximise their conversion. You can:

PureClarity Popups
PureClarity Popups
  1. Choose what type of pop up you want to show whether a simple pop up or an email capture popup
  2. Decide which of your customers you want the popup to be seen by e.g. first time visitor or customers who have made 2 or more purchases in the last month. The options are endless. PureClarity provides a default suite of customer segments to get you started but you can create as many as you like.
  3. Decide where on your website you want the pop up to show. Most popup providers limit this to homepage and exit page whereas with PureClarity your pop up can show on any page within your site. This includes search results pages, product page, basket, order confirmation page, account pages or any landing pages you have created.
  4. Schedule when you want the popup to be visible by date and times
  5. Full track each popup with notes and tags where needed
  6. Design the layout and size of the popup from a comprehensive built in Design Wizard to ensure your popups stay on brand and to the size you want
  7. Choose from a suite of prebuilt popup designs to build your popup or simply use your own html, cs or css if needed
  8. Set the delay time of how long a visitor is on the page before the popup appears
  9. Set the pop up to appear if a visitor tries to leave your site
  10. Determine how often the popup is shown to a visitor. Visitors who sign up with their email will not be shown the same pop up again.

Analysing Performance

As with any new campaign you run, its important to see how well its performing. With PureClarity’s analytics tool you can easily see how many times each of your popups have been served, the overall revenue generated and how many visitors have:

  • Provided their email address for retargeting
  • Seen the popup
  • Clicked on the popup
  • Converted through to a sale

Best Practice Tips

Before you get started with PureClarity’s Popups we thought we would finish here by offering you 8 best practice tips to get the best out of your campaigns. Look out for our up and coming blog which will show examples of popups across a wide range of industry verticals.

  1. You should consider popups as mini landing pages. Ensure that the visitor has a clear path to the specific goals whether it’s to new content or an email subscription. If you are showing an incentive using a promocode ensure that this popup also becomes visible on the checkout page.
  2. Ensure your popups are not disturbing the shopping experience. Don’t create a popup that appears the second a visitor arrives on your site. It should be complimentary to the experience and appear after a timed delay which allows a visitor to read your web page first.  Appearing too soon can be off putting and arriving to late can be a missed opportunity. Look at your analytics and see what the average dwell time is on each page and set your timer to appear after 60% of this time for maximum impact.
  3. Include a clear call to action. Don’t allow for any misinterpretation and be direct with a singular action. Sign Up, Register Today, Get 20% Off Now, Download Brochure,  are all clear indicators of what is needed. Provide plenty of colour contrast where your call to action sits so it clearly stands out.
  4. Ensure you use engaging imagery and graphics. This will make your popups more interesting, exciting, and attention-grabbing.  Popups that are heavy on copy can be hard work to read and easy to ignore.
  5. Offer an incentive – visitors are always on the look out for a bargain and will often shop around for the best price. Keep visitors engaged with an incentive to shop with you. Try including a sense of time urgency with the offer to help a visitor decide to buy there and then.
  6. Ensure the size of your popup is not too intrusive and easy to close if not required.  There is nothing worse than trying to find the x button to get rid of a popup that’s blocking the content I am wanting to read. It’s a quick fire way of losing that customer.
  7. Ensure you have the right message for each stage of the buying cycle. The message on the homepage incentivising visitors to buy will be different to a pop up that appears on the exit page which should incentivising and encouraging visitors to visit again.
  8. Add value to your popup. Popups need to add value to the online shopping experience. This can easily be done by:
  • Discounts at checkout
  • Free shipping
  • Free content around the products they are interested in – whether eBooks or blog subscriptions
  • Exclusive offers by email
  • Competition entry to win a great prize

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