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What To Expect From PureClarity’s Analytics & Insights

Powerful analytics is a key tool of the PureClarity platform, helping our clients take control of real-time data to deliver relevant and successful customer experiences that drive loyalty and revenue. 

We know that analytics and customer insights should be the heart of all marketing activities. 

That’s why we have designed the perfect tool for all ecommerce businesses to easily and quickly gain deeper insights into visitor behaviour and performance, make data-driven decisions, and optimise campaigns. 

Read on to learn more about what to expect from the analytics and insights features of PureClarity. 

“We love the insights of seeing where our visitors are interacting with the personalised content, understanding how they use the site and seeing what content they respond best to. We’re excited about seeing the results continue to improve and test out new campaigns! With PureClarity, the possibilities are truly endless.”

Natalie Hennessy, Senior and Integrated Marketing Manager at PetPay

Real time data analysis

PureClarity tracks all of your customers’ interactions on your site to ensure that they are shown the most relevant content and products on every page. A hyper-personalised experience is shown to each customer on every page, based on their behaviour, interests, and activity on your site. 

Our analytics is updated in near real time, so you can accurately stay up to date with what is happening on your site. Watch as the dashboard updates with new sales!

PureClarity performance

PureClarity provides full visibility of all sales influenced by PureClarity, giving you complete confidence. For each sale we show which part of the site was interacted with, what was clicked on, and how much money was spent! All these records can be exported, if needs be. 

We report on how your conversion rate and average order value changes over time, as well as the average number of items in each basket. This allows you to track how well your campaigns are doing and monitor the impact our software has on your site. We also show an up to the minute comparison against your site’s performance before PureClarity was installed.

Ecommerce business intelligence 

Our segment insights tool lets you explore all the data PureClarity has collected about your customers by interrogating our data warehouse. It allows you to define your own segmentation rules and see how customers matching those rules are doing on your site giving you valuable insights into which segments are worth creating. 

  • Do repeat customers spend more than customers who only buy once?
  • What is the average order value of your VIP customers?
  • How many carts were abandoned in the last month? 

The answers to these questions and hundreds more are at your fingertips with our segment explorer tool.

Relevant analytics

PureClarity provides analytics that help you stay on top of your campaigns. You can also A/B test campaigns, and view how well each part of your test is performing – all in near real time.

One powerful feature that is often only found on expensive enterprise solutions is the ability to see how often PureClarity content was viewed. This helps to identify campaigns that are “below the fold”, and are not seen often. These can often be campaigns that when customers do see them they interact with. This analysis helps you stay informed and helps you make decisions about where to show content.

We also show site wide analytics (such as graphs of your conversion rate and AOV over time). These help highlight longer term trends on your site, and can help to identify if you need to take action early.

There are too many features to mention, but some other useful features are:

  • How well are your products performing? View top viewed and bought products.
  • View the powerful insights PureClarity has discovered about each product. What is it frequently bought with?
  • See how well your pop-ups and email campaigns are doing. All features of PureClarity are backed by useful analytics to help you keep optimising.

“The customisation of the platform is brilliant. The data is really supporting our paid media activity to increase performance and ROI from our key platforms. Having PureClarity onboard is helping us stay ahead of our competitors but also understand our customers better to help us grow quicker and efficiently.”

Naj Hussain, CEO and Founder of Comfy Homes 


These are just some of the amazing features PureClarity provides. Book a demo now to find out how PureClarity would help your store.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us: sales@pureclarity.com

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