The Results

Hotdrinks Ltd do what they say and supply thousands of businesses and individuals across Europe with hot drinks. Stocked brands include LavAzza, Nescafe, Kenco, Douwe Egberts, Cadbury, PG, Tetley, Twining’s, Drink Me, Van Houten, Bovril, Knorr, Monbana, Monin, Van Houten…… to name but a few.

Their core focus is the supply of consumables but they also offer a range of equipment on private rental, lease or purchase plans.

The results in the last 2 months of working with PureClarity speak for themselves:

  • Increase in conversion of 27.3%
  • Increase in average order value of 11%
  • 2% of total revenue is directly attributable to PureClarity

Cross-Sell Campaigns

Hotdrinks after speaking with PureClarity realised that ecommerce personalization wasn’t a strategy they had previously considered. After being shown the functionality that PureClarity has to offer with the automated AI and the ability to overlay enriched personalized campaigns, Hotdrinks realised that by using ecommerce personalization, they could through the AI recommender engine, be more effective at selecting the right products to show to each customer.  The results so far have been impressive.

Feature: Enriched Personalized Banner Campaign

Goal: Product awareness and increase revenue

Hotdrinks Cross-Sell Banner Campaign
Hotdrinks Cross-Sell Banner Campaign

Cross-Sell Product Campaign

Due to the wide variety of products supplied by Hotdrinks, visitors and customers did not always know which the most suitable product was to buy or understand the range of products available to them.  This challenge was easily overcome using the automated AI recommenders throughout all the key buying pages on their site.

Feature: Automated AI Recommenders throughout the site

Goal: Increase average order value and conversion rate

Hotdrinks Cross-Sell Banner Campaign
Hotdrinks Cross-Sell Banner Campaign