Deliver the Ultimate Personalized Ecommerce Experience.

PureClarity is the leading AI-based ecommerce personalization platform proven to increase online revenue by 26%.

Automated, Relevant & Personal

The Most Powerful Ecommerce Personalization Platform

PureClarity analyzes your customers’ behavior, learning their habits and enables you to deliver automated, personalized recommenders within search results, promotional banners and on-page recommendations in real-time.

Advanced AI Recommender Engine

Let the AI Engine determine which type of recommender is the most appropriate for each visitor and determine which products or brands to promote.

AI Personalization Within Search

Create campaigns based on search specific segments. The AI will present the most relevant products within your search bar results and on your search results pages.

Audience Segmentation

Create and build audience segments to which you can present personalized merchandising campaigns.

Personalized Campaigns

Personalize any page and any zone of your website. Target each of your customer groups with relevant recommenders, banners and image carousels.

Personalization Within Email

Export customer segments and associated product recommenders via your dashboard and include in your email template. Full tracking and reporting provided.

Insights And Opportunities Analytics

Gain valuable insight into the performance of your personalized behavioral merchandising campaigns and personalized email marketing.

Automated, Relevant & Personal

The Most Powerful Personalization Platform

PureClarity analyzes your customers’ behavior, learning their habits and enables you to deliver automated, personalized search results, promotional banners and recommendations in real-time.

Personalized Site Search

Provide the ultimate AI-driven search experience with PureClarity’s advanced personalized site search.

Personalized Merchandising

Deliver true ecommerce personalization with product recommenders and content personalization.

Personalized Email Marketing

Show relevant recommendations to customers offline with personalized campaign-based email marketing.


Gain key insights in to your customers' behavior and monitor your personalized search and merchandising performance.

Personalization Made Easy

Watch our 1 minute explainer video and learn how to increase online revenue by 26% using intelligent ecommerce personalization

The results

Increase in Revenue and Sales Conversions

Personalization within Search, Merchandising and Email, you'll agree that the results speak for themselves...

increase in revenue
increase in conversions
increase in average order value
  • Increased Online Revenue by 26%
  • Increased Sales Conversions by 71%
  • Increased Average Order Value by 16%
Personalize Your Site's Content

Give Each Visitor a Unique Experience

PureClarity’s machine learning means the system knows not only which products each customer and segment wants to see within each recommender, but also which type of recommender to present to each segment. Simply set the system to run in ‘AI mode’ and each area will be optimized automatically! Enrich with Manual Personalized Banners designed to promote, cross-sell and upsell!

Male Rowers, Average Order Value <£75
Regular Buyer of Female Sportswear
First Time Visitor
Powerful Personalization

For All Ecommerce Platforms

Our aim is to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start to enjoy the benefits of personalization. PureClarity can be installed on any online store and for the leading ecommerce platforms we provide a plug-in.

Lightening Fast

PureClarity's Personalization has been designed to deliver instant results from the moment your customer begins interacting with your website!

Personalized & Machine Learning

PureClarity constantly collects and analyzes behavioral data and uses this information to learn in real-time.


Supporting 18+ International Languages. Self-learning adapts for each language.

Get Personal

Personalize Any Page & Any Zone

PureClarity enables you to place personalized merchandising zones featuring recommenders, banner images, carousels or HTML throughout the entire user journey on your website including Home Page, Product Pages, Category Pages, Basket, Order Confirmation Page, Mega Menu, Global, My Recommendations Page and many more..

Personalized Content for Every Visitor

Why PureClarity Personalization?

PureClarity provides you with a powerful personalized merchandising toolset, powered by Artifical Intelligence and machine learning - without the management overhead! With PureClarity, you can choose to leave the system to run itself and manually override where needed.

All-in-one platform

PureClarity’s features provide you with a seamless, fully integrated solution without the need for separate suppliers.

30+ Recommender Types

Choose from over 30 different product, category or brand recommenders - or let the Artificial Intelligence choose for you!

Hundreds of Segment Variables

Create customer segments based on behavior or upload your own variables such as demographical or other CRM data.

Measurable ROI

PureClarity is completely transparent, allowing you to see which recommenders, personalized campaigns and emails are performing best.

No Developer Required!

PureClarity’s dashboard allows you to set up new personalized campaigns in a matter of minutes - with no developer resource needed!

Integrates With All Ecommerce Platforms

PureClarity integrates with all Ecommerce Platforms with extensions for Magento, Shopfiy, WooCommerce and BigCommerce readily available.

Responsive Design

More visitors research & buy on their mobile devices than ever before. PureClarity’s autocomplete, personalized recommenders, automated filters and search results are fully responsive.

  • Fully Customizable Templates
  • Show different design to different audiences
  • Based on CSS, HTML and Handlebars
  • Template Versioning
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