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One stop CRO platform packed with powerful features

Everything you need to create personalised experiences, convert more visitors, increase average order value and improve customer loyalty.

AI powered recommendations

Show the right product at the right time, with perfect product recommendations on every page.

Intelligent pop-ups

Easy to use controls let you decide when to show your messaging. Enhance your marketing by collecting email addresses and reduce exits.

Personalised content

Guide customers on different journeys by controlling the content they see. Segment and build audiences from their interactions and quickly funnel visitors to the products they want.

Advanced chat bots

Answer customer questions quickly with easy to create chat bots. Control when visitors interact with them via segmentation and then personalise their shopping experience.

Live chat for

See each visitors history and activity in real time as you chat with them. Recommend suggested products instantly with a single click.

Recommendations in email

Show personalised product recommendations on any email platform with our snippet. Generate sales in abandoned basket, after purchase and mailshot emails.

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Don't take our word for it!

Here are what some of customers have to say about PureClarity

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“When we signed up for the trial with PureClarity I was really pleased with how quickly we were able to get the recommenders set up and see really positive results in regards to our overall average order value.

After our trial period, we expanded our use of the tool to more aspects of our site. This allowed us to tailor content based on the customer’s history with our catalog and content.

We see a positive ROI and are continuing to use new, creative methods through PureClarity to provide personalised shopping experiences to our customers.”

Jordan Kavuma

Director of Marketing

Prima Coffee Equipment

PureClarity makes personalization so easy! We've been with PC for several years now and this app has always been a key part of our webstore sales and requires minimal effort once set-up. Don't think twice about another app, sign on with PureClarity today!

Natalie Hennessy P.L.A.Y.

PureClarity immediately gave us an uplift in cross and upsell promotion and average shopping basket size which is exactly what we were after.

The support from the team is second to none and the app has been key to pushing our conversions to the next level. Can't recommend this app highly enough.



Integrations for all major e-commerce platforms

Native plugins on the app stores for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce API and documentation for effortless integration into any platform Scales to support sites of any size


Advanced features e-commerce store owners and managers will love

Advanced Segmentation

Segment customers using a wide range of criteria including number of visits; previous orders; current cart; current page; UTM code and many more.

Real time analytics

Data updated in real time. Choose any time period to track performance.

Track visibility

Understand when your visitors see your content, and how often they interact with it. Track how well content "below the fold" is performing.

Search engine friendly

Search engine friendly with intelligent CLS sizing for dynamic content.

Simple content editor

Pre defined templates included for common content such as banners, grids and more. Quickly style product recommendations without any coding.

Advanced templating engine

Advanced templating engine using handlebars. Create any content. Easily create powerful product recommendation features such as real time stock levels and account based pricing.

Ready to boost your online sales?

Try PureClarity free for 30 days. No credit card required. Set-up in minutes.

Or, dive right in and get started!