Visitors who chat are more likely to convert

Visitors struggle to find what they want. Support them effectively by answering questions and suggesting products they want to buy.

    Chat can...

  • Encourage visitors to add items to their cart
  • Assist during checkout reducing abandonment
  • Build brand loyalty and encourage repeat sales

Introducing live chat for e-commerce

Live chat built for e-commerce backed by PureClarity's personalisation engine

Understand your visitors better

Utilise the data PureClarity uses to personalise visitors experiences whilst you chat to them.

  • Instantly see past orders and visits
  • Real-time information such as current page and basket items
  • Watch it update as visitors navigate your site
  • Understand your visitors and help them find the products they love

Relevant recommendations direct to their chat

Easily add product recommendations direct to their chat

  • Automatic recommendations are updated automatically
  • Easily search for products to recommend
  • Add to the chat in 1 click
  • Direct your customers to the products they want

Integrated chat bots

Effortlessly show dynamic messaging and chat bots directly in the live chat

  • Show out of hours messaging to reduce your support burden
  • Introduce your site to first time visitors
  • Reduce abandonment with automated messaging
  • Ask questions and create dynamic content based on the answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

Are they easy to use?

Yes! We have plugins for all major e-commerce platforms, and a bespoke API for custom builds. Enable live chat and instantly support your customers. Quickly create messaging and chat bots to target different customer segments.

Can I style the live chat to match my site?

Yes! You can easily change the styling and behaviour of the live chat. Control when it is shown, welcome messaging and whether to signpost the chat box.

Can I view previous conversations?

Yes! Current visitor chats are easy to answer, and you can view a log of previous questions. You can get chats forwarded to an email address to follow up later as well.

How much do extra seats cost?

Nothing! You can add extra users in PureClarity for free. Each user can have different permissions - making it cost-effective for your support team.

Is PureClarity expensive?

No! PureClarity is priced based on the number of page views as this is the fairest way. No hidden charges based on your sales volume or number of seats. Automated recommenders, dynamic content and our e-commerce live chat are included.