Customers expect personalised experiences

Visitors have more choice than ever on where to shop. Maximise your conversion rate by showing content and prompts that influence every visitor.

  • Generic banners waste chances to funnel visitors
  • Different messaging prompts action for different customers
  • Customers expect personalised shopping experiences

Introducing Dynamic Content from PureClarity

Create personalised shopping experiences to funnel visitors effectively and build customer loyalty

Build unique shopping experiences

Targeted content funnels traffic, builds loyalty and incentivises purchases. Show promotions and messaging relevant to the individual.

  • Funnel visitors to the right content quickly with different images
  • Capture meaningful leads with tailored email capture pop-ups
  • Encourage action with pop-ups shown at the right time
  • Show dynamic CTAs in global banners
  • Create any content to show to any customer segment

Seamlessly target any customer segment

Target customers based on a wide variety of criteria. Use what customers click on to dynamically alter their experience.

  • Target based on location, device, UTM codes and more
  • Segment by past activity including orders and previous visits
  • Create real time segments based on the cart and current page
  • Use what customers interact with to create seamless experiences
  • View key metrics for any segment and export their email addresses

Stay in control with real-time analytics and A/B testing

Analytics updated in real-time keep you informed on how your dynamic experiences are performing. See when content was shown; engagement rates; attributed sales and more. Quickly create A/B tests to optimise performance.


Dynamic chat bots

Help customers with messaging and chat bots that are shown at the right moment to the right customer

  • Show messaging based on UTM code, basket content and more
  • Ask a series of questions to understand your customers needs
  • Use answers to segment customers to create truly dynamic experiences
  • Easily reduce abandonment and offer dynamic up-sells
  • Create chat bots to handle out of hours queries

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

Are they easy to use?

Yes! We have plugins for all major e-commerce platforms, and a bespoke API for custom builds. Drag and drop where you want PureClarity to show content on your site, and then quickly setup what you want to show, and to who and when, in PureClarity.

Can I style them to match my site?

Yes! Our editor makes it easy to change common properties such as fonts, colours and spacing. We provide lots of default designs and styles, and you can create your own in our handlebars template editor.

Can I create my own content?

Yes! PureClarity content is built using simple to understand templates. Copy our built-in templates or create your own. Easily re-use your creations across your site with settings for colours, fonts and more.

Will these affect my SEO?

No! PureClarity loads alongside the rest of your site. We use machine learning to minimise the effect of Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

Are they expensive?

No! PureClarity is priced based on the number of page views as this is the fairest way. No hidden charges based on your sales volume. All types of content including banners, pop-ups and chat bots are included in all plans.