Visitors leave when they can't find what they want

Visitors struggle to find the right products, and have more choice than ever on where to shop. You have just a couple of clicks before they go elsewhere.

  • Marketing spend drives traffic but is wasted when they don't purchase
  • Manually creating recommendations is slow and in-effective
  • Customers expect personalised shopping experiences
  • Basket value is lower without up-sells

Introducing PureClarity Product Recommendations

Automated product recommendations based on each customers history and current buying intention

Automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendations

Increase customer spend by automatically showing each customer the most relevant recommendations to them on every page

  • Increase basket spend with product up-sells based on the cart and products viewed
  • Give customers choice by automatically offering alternative products. Reduce visitor drop off by showing other items to consider
  • New products automatically handled with cold start algorithms
  • Relationships between products generated using machine learning

Adapts to each visitor based on their activity

Each visitors past activity and current buying intention is taken into account

  • Convert returning visitors with recommendations based on their previous visits and orders
  • New customers are automatically shown recommendations such as Trending Products and Best Sellers
  • Context is key - Homepage, product page and basket page influence the type of recommendations shown

Completely automated & simple to setup

Other platforms make you pay more for the best converting types of recommendation, or make you set up complicated rules.

  • Drag and drop where you want the recommendations on your site
  • Tweak the styling in PureClarity
  • Real time analytics keeps you updated
  • Go further with our template editor
  • Quickly show your own recommendations if needed

Personalise any email

Easily show personalised recommendations in any email.

  • Integrates with all email service providers, i.e. Mailchimp and Klaviyo
  • Track engagement and sales
  • Edit the styling to match your existing branding

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

Are they easy to use?

Yes! We have plugins for all major e-commerce platforms, and a bespoke API for custom builds. Drag and drop where you want PureClarity to show recommendations, and then quickly setup the styling in PureClarity.

Can I style them to match my site?

Yes! Our editor makes it easy to change common properties such as fonts, colours and spacing. We provide lots of default designs and styles, and you can create your own in our handlebars template editor. You can go even further and use JavaScript callbacks to load dynamic data such as reviews and live stock levels.

Will these affect my SEO?

No! PureClarity loads alongside the rest of your site. We use machine learning to minimise the effect of Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

Are they expensive?

No! PureClarity is priced based on the number of page views as this is the fairest way. No hidden charges based on your sales volume. All types of recommendation, including ones powered by machine learning and our cold start algorithm, are included in all plans.

What about new products?

Products are automatically synced from your store. When new products are added, PureClarity will use cold start strategies to recommended similar products and uses machine learning to quickly learn which customers want to buy your new products.