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Industry Vertical: Education & Learning

About Mash was founded by Irish primary educators, with a sole purpose of simplifying the search for primary resources by teachers. states that they value quality over quantity. They focus on providing Irish Primary Classrooms with relevant, suitable and valuable educational resources, which cover a wide range of criteria and subjects.

Challenges faced already understood the importance of adding personalisation onto their site. They wanted to improve their user experiences by creating hyper-personalised unique customer journeys for each of their online visitors. They especially wanted to personalise content shown to the individual based on the year groups they interacted with. also expressed interest in increasing product awareness. Their large SKU count meant it was difficult to showcase all their products. Other challenges included increasing average order value and online sales.

Results in the last 30 days

  • AOV has increased by 74.64%
  • AOV involving PureClarity recommendations has increased by 81.73%
  • PureClarity has been involved 12.6% of all orders
  • have earned their licence fee back X6

How this has been achieved

Personalised content were determined to maximise their product awareness through ecommerce personalisation. Using our personalised content across their homepage in the form of image carousel banners has allowed them to achieve a higher exposure of their large product range.

Image carousel banners on the homepage use of image carousel banner on the homepage

AI product recommenders

AI-driven product recommendations are a great way of increasing average order value, online sales and promoting relevant products to the right audiences. Our recommenders have been placed in all the key locations across the site for maximum return on investment.

AI product recommenders on the Homepage use of AI product recommenders on the homepage

AI product recommenders on product pages use AI product recommenders on one of the product pages

AI product recommenders on category listing pages use of AI product recommendations on category listing pages

AI product recommenders on basket page use of AI product recommendations on the basket page

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