Prima Coffee

Platform: BigCommerce

Industry Vertical: Food & Beverage

About Prima Coffee

Prima Coffee are purveyors of the finest coffee and espresso equipment, based in Louisville, KY. They are both B2C and B2B focused. As well as products they offer services such as; open a cafe, wholesale, sell or trade and repair a machine.

They are known for their price match guarantee on wholesale items, hassle-free returns, and excellent customer service.

Challenges faced

Prima Coffee came to us directly through BigCommerce’s marketplace. Prima Coffee showed a keen interest in increasing their average order value, upsells and cross sells and overall online revenue.

The main problem that they were facing was differentiating their onsite marketing efforts between B2B and B2C. Now that lockdown eases, Prima Coffee aims to maintain and continue to grow both customer bases, by ensuring that their user journeys are unique to that individual customer’s needs and wants. They wanted to focus on creating content and product campaigns that are relevant and targeted to the right audiences for maximum impact and return on investment.

Results since using PureClarity

Since Prima Coffee started with PureClarity they have seen:

  • AOV increase by 6.5%
  • AOV involving product recommenders has increased by 43.9%
  • Average number of SKUs involving recommenders has increased by 46%
  • PureClarity has been involved in 11.8% of all Prima Coffee’s orders

How this has been achieved

Personalised Content

Prima Coffee has chosen to incorporate a range of dynamic personalised banners across their website. They have included a combination of banner carousels, to offer more insight into their expertise, products and services, and static banners, to quickly direct traffic to particular sections of their website. Both are great for improving conversion rate and providing insight into their customer’s interests and needs.

Banner Carousels

Prima Coffee’s use of banner carousels on their homepage

Static Image Banners

Prima Coffee’s use of static image banners on the homepage

AI driven product recommenders

AI driven product recommenders have been used across the entire site; placing AI recommenders on the homepage, basket page and product pages. Recommenders on these pages are most effective to increase AOV, conversion and overall revenue. One of Prima Coffee’s main challenges was increasing upsells and cross sells across their site. Placing AI product recommenders on their product pages has proven to be most effective to increase upsells and cross sells.

Upselling and cross selling on product pages

Prima Coffee’s use of AI product recommenders

What does Prima Coffee have to say?

“When we signed up for the initial trial with PureClarity I was really pleased with how quickly we were able to get the recommenders set up and see some really positive results in regards to our overall average order value. After continuing the use of PureClarity after our trial period, we worked to expand our use of the tools to more aspects of our site. This has allowed us to tailor content based on the customer’s history with our catalog and content. We have been able to see a positive ROI and are continuing to use new, creative methods through PureClarity to provide a personalised shopping experience to our customers.” 

– Jordan Kavuma, Director of Marketing 

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