Gain deeper insights into visitor behavior based on AI and machine learning.  Let PureClarity show you how to maximize your website potential in order to increase revenue and customer loyalty

Campaign performance

  • Receive full access to the performance of each of your campaigns and what is being delivered by PureClarity
  • Gain insight into the best performing areas of your website for conversion by page
  • Insights allows you to find trends in sales, by order, value, time of day, and traffic spikes which can allow you to target those customers more efficiently

Product analysis

  • Discover exactly which are your top viewed and top bought products
  • Find out what products have been bought, the revenue generated, purchase dates and times and what recommendations PureClarity is presenting associated with each product
  • Analyse sales product performance and information such as, people who viewed x also viewed y, and products frequently bought together which allows you to create further campaigns containing these product groups

ROI analysis

  • Have full visibility of sales driven by all PureClarity personalisation features including impressions, clicks, increase in AOV, revenue, sales driven by recommenders
  • Understand the revenue being generated by PureClarity by any date criteria to easily determine your overall return on investment

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