Help customers find what they are looking for by displaying relevant products and offers as they search

Personalisation within search results bar

  • Optimise conversion by presenting highly relevant recommendations within the search bar as people search and helping visitors find what they need quicker
  • Display products based on what the AI has learnt about the individuals behaviours, past searches, purchases, products viewed and products previously added to cart

Personalisation within search results page

  • Increase click through rate by showing automated personalised recommendations on your search results pages based on current browsing and search behaviour
  • Spotlight key relevant product recommendations above the main search results pages to make them easy to see, engage with and purchase
Personalised merchandising within search

Personalised merchandising within search

Incentivise purchases by cross-selling, upselling, and promoting products, brands and categories with spotlight banners based on current search term and customer segment profile

Use personalisation within search as part of your PureClarity campaigns

Including Personalisation within Search is a powerful key ingredient for your personalised campaigns

Combine with personalised content and intelligent product recommendations to ensure each of your online visitors see products, offers and promotions that are only relevant to them

Set goals for each of your campaigns to track performance and results

Encourage them to buy, spend more and become a loyal customer both within your website and via email

Sky rocket your revenue

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