Personalized Site Search

Increase Sales Conversions by 71.5% using AI-based personalized autocomplete, personalized search recommendations and targeted search results

PureClarity will deliver site search excellence and increase online sales with powerful AI-based personalized site search; offering predictive relevance of products and recommendations to the individual proven to maximize revenue.

Smart & Fast

Personalized AI Autocomplete

PureClarity’s ecommerce search technology, driven by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides your website users with a feature-rich, personalized search experience complete with a real-time personalized autocomplete, personalized recommendations, automated multi-faceted filters and personalized results.

The system does this by analyzing your customer’s behavior, what others who exhibit the same behavior do and buy and, finally, what is currently trending. All of this data allows PureClarity to intelligently predict a users browsing and buying behavior and suggest the most relevant search results in a matter of milliseconds.

  • AI driven Autocomplete
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Trending Products
  • Relevant Products
  • Brand Suggestions
  • Predictive Behavior
Lightening Fast

PureClarity's Personalized Search has been designed to deliver instant search results from the moment your customer begins typing!

Personalized & Machine Learning

PureClarity constantly collects and analyzes behavioral data and uses this information to learn in real-time.

Natural Language Processing

Typos, slang terms, common misspellings and 'informational' searches are all taken care of with PureClarity!


Supporting 18+ International Languages. Self-learning adapts for each language.

Smart & Relevant

Personalized Search Based AI Recommenders

Unique to PureClarity is our personalized recommendations within search results based on current browsing and search activity giving relevant product suggestions within the context of the user’s behavior.

  • Real-time adaptive recommendations using current search and browsing activity
  • Relevance based on customer segment and past activity
  • Proven increase in click-through rate and conversion
  • Fully Automated
Relevant & AI Automated

Personalized AI-driven Search Results

With PureClarity – you are in complete control. Whilst the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning powers your search results from day one, you set the preferred scoring algorithm that PureClarity will use for displaying and sorting search results to your customers; purchase boost, term relevancy or machine learning.

The core search results are personalized based on relevance and user behavior with the ability to enrich and override the AI with rules to promote products and product groups.

You even have control the search results based on customer segment, current user behavior and product attributes and search tags.

In addition to this, you may choose to pin a product to the top of your search results or product listing pages for specific terms or exclude products that may be running low on stock or have been discontinued.

Dynamic & Relevant

Automated Filtering

PureClarity automatically creates the filtered navigation for the search results and product listing pages. Improves users experience so that they can refine their search further. Filtered results are also sorted in relevance to the individual.

A Unified Experience

AI Personalized Product Listing Pages

In addition to personalized search results, when a customer looks at a category PureClarity will list products under that category in an order that is relevant and personalized to them. This means you can harness the data collected to personalize the experience for browsing customers as well as searching customers.

PureClarity uses the information it has learned about each one of your customers to present the most relevant, likely to buy products at the top of your product listing pages and within the personalized recommender.

Just like with search, you can fine-tune using product listing rules that allow you to override the top results for specific categories such that you can push and promote individual products to targeted segments. Think luxury products for VIP customers or Nike products for your sporty customers.

Fully Automated

Fully Automated autocomplete and personalized search results

Real-time Personalization

PureClarity adapts its recommendations in real-time based on current onsite behavior & previous history


Relevance based on behavior of the crowd, customer segments & the individual


Enrich the automation to enhance the experience with search rules and conditions

Smart, Powerful & Fast

Enrich with Search Rules

Search Rules are for those time where you want to enrich or override the AI and push specific products or products sets to an individual based on certain criteria. Influence the search results based on search terms used, matching customer segments, basket content, current & past behavior, visitor’s season, location, weather and many more conditions..


Override the AI and push specific products to the top of the search results.


Remove specific products from the search results.


Push products that have specific search tags or product attribute higher up the search results.


Only return products that have specific search tags or product attribute in the search results.
Search Rules in Action
“Jacket” Example 1
“Jacket” Example 2
Relevant Targeted Promotions

Personalized Merchandising in Search

Cross-sell, upsell, promote products, brands and categories with spotlight banners based on current search term, customer segment and many other conditions.

“Candle” Example 1
“Candle” Example 2

Personalize using...

You can enhance the 1-1 personalized user's experience using the variables to promote and market personally to the individual...

Weather & Season
City & Location
Current & Past Browsing
Current & Past Searches
Purchase Behavior
Cart Contents
Age & Gender
Time Habits
Likes & Dislikes
Email Campaigns
AdWords Campaign
Visitor's Device
Mobile, Tablets & Desktops

Responsive Design

More visitors research & buy on their mobile devices than ever before. PureClarity’s autocomplete, personalized recommenders, automated filters and search results are fully responsive.

  • Fully Customizable Templates
  • Show different design to different audiences
  • Based on CSS, HTML and Handlebars
  • Template Versioning
The results

Increase in Revenue and Sales Conversions

Personalization within Search, Merchandising and Email, you'll agree that the results speak for themselves...

increase in revenue
increase in conversions
increase in average order value
  • Increased Online Revenue by 26%
  • Increased Sales Conversions by 71%
  • Increased Average Order Value by 16%

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