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Artificial Intelligence

Over half of all online shoppers use the ecommerce site search function whilst browsing a website. PureClarity’s smart site search technology provides your website users with a feature rich, personalised search experience.

The system does this by analysing your customer’s behaviour based on their likes, their history, their onsite activity, what others who exhibit the same behaviour do and buy and, finally, what is currently trending.


of companies agree that personalisation 'is critical to current and future success'

Econsultancy, 2013

The Most Relevant Results

Your customers will receive the ultimate ecommerce site search experience from the second they begin typing with PureClarity’s advanced auto complete function. Suggest brands, products, search terms and correct misspellings to streamline the searching process.

PureClarity automatically ensures the most relevant products for each customer are shown at the top of the search results list at all times, showing your customers exactly what they are looking for.


of ecommerce websites do not support searching by product name or model number

Baymard Institute, 2014


On Every Device in Every Country

PureClarity’s site search tool works seamlessly across all devices, enabling your customers to quickly and easily find the products relevant to them whether they are shopping on their phone, tablet or computer.

PureClarity offers multilingual support, right out of the box allowing you to build relationships with your international customers. You can even profile your customers based on where they are and present relevant products, brands and offers.


of searches on ecommerce sites require users to search by the exact jargon that the website uses

Baymard Institute, 2014

Flexible Look and Feel Editor

With PureClarity you are in control! Configuring the autocomplete feature is easy, simply log in to your dashboard and, with a few clicks, your autocomplete is set up – no developer needed!

Configurable elements include toggling on and off the product images, product names, prices and descriptions. Within the dashboard you can select which sections you would like to show such as brand suggestions and product matching. You can even decide how many products you would like to show under each section.


Meet Elsa

34, Brand Lover, Stockholm

“I regularly shop online for my favourite brands of shoes, I probably buy a new pair every month. I tend to shop around for the best deal after I find the shoes I would like to purchase which means I’m constantly using website searches to speed things up.

My perfect experience would be to see the exact product I searched for, quickly and at a good price. It would be nice to see similar shoes too, although I’d probably get tempted into buying more than one pair!”

Create the perfect shopping experience for Elsa and others like her

PureClarity recognises Elsa as soon as she visits your website. As she starts typing in the site search box, autocomplete options and brand recommendations appear based on her previous behaviour.

On the search results page PureClarity’s AI engine automatically orders related products based on what it knows Elsa would like to see. Want to entice Elsa even more? PureClarity can showcase a personalised offer to encourage her to make a purchase.


of consumers say they would be more inclined to use a retailer if it offered a good personalised experience

Marketing Week, 2013
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