Our Partner Program

The PureClarity Partner Program brings award-winning personalisation to your client’s ecommerce business and helps you win more sales and generate more revenue. It’s a win win for all!

So if you think we’ll be a perfect match please provide us with details about you and your company and a PureClarity partner expert will be in touch shortly to discuss your goals and demonstrate how PureClarity can work for you and your clients.

The perfect match

Are you an AgencyConsultant or an Ecommerce Expert who is looking for a competitive advantage and unique proposition?

Become a PureClarity Partner and engage more clients, standout in pitches and provide an innovative personalised  merchandising solution that will increase your revenue and your clients’ sales.

“PureClarity has enabled us to be far more competitive in a pitching scenario, potential clients love the fact that we work closely with such an innovative tool and have the knowledge to help them drive their ecommerce strategy forward using personalisation. Our clients love the fact that PureClarity is so competitively priced, offers a wealth of features in a single dashboard and automatically populates recommenders without the need for management time.”

Christopher ThompsonHead of ConsultancyPureNet

Partner benefits

PureClarity enables you to offer your clients a world-class ecommerce personalisation and merchandising solution, safe in the knowledge they will be implementing one of the most intelligent, robust solutions available today.

PureClarity has its benefits for you too…

Attract more clients

Offer the latest AI-driven ecommerce personalisation & merchandising experience to your clients.

PureClarity provides you with a competitive advantage and unique proposition, enabling you to engage with new and existing customers.

Increase your revenue

PureClarity enables you to grow your agency with an additional revenue stream from our tasty partner commission structure.

The more clients you onboard the higher the rate of commission – and that’s for the lifetime of the clients’ use of PureClarity.

Deliver true ROI

We understand how important a return on investment is for your clients.

PureClarity partners and clients are able to use the software’s advanced analytics to report on ROI and determine sales conversion attribution.

Get expert support

As a partner you’ll have access to the leading personalisation experts in the field.

We’ll provide sales support including demonstrations and proposals and we’ll help you through the onboarding of clients.

and there’s more…

Partner program listing

We’ll list your company name, logo and company description on our PureClarity Partner pages.

Assigned success manager

You’ll have a named Success Manager to help you.

Development leads

We’ll refer clients who need onboarding development.

Full technical support

We’ll provide full technical support for onboarding your clients.

Sandbox environment

We’ll provide you with the tools to help you onboard clients.

Co-branded case studies

We’ll do joint marketing of our Success Stories.

Join our Partner Program Today!

  • What is the Partner commission?
  • Commission is paid as a percentage of the referred clients’ monthly subscription fee. As you gain more PureClarity clients the percentage will increase as you progress from a PureClarity Bronze Partner through to a PureClarity Platinum Partner. Commission is paid out on a quarterly basis.
  • What about additional revenue services?
  • The PureClarity Partner Program enables you to provide services such as onboarding integration development, content design (for manual personalisation campaigns) and optimisation services (where necessary).
  • How does the sales process work?
  • Once you are signed up as a PureClarity Referral Partner, we will take care of the whole sales process for you!  You simply let us know when you have a lead and we will take it from there.  You can, of course, be involved throughout the process if you wish – from joining the online demos to co-communicating with the prospect – it’s up to you – but whichever way we’ll keep you informed of the progress.
  • Will I have a dedicated Account Manager?
  • As a PureClarity Partner, you will receive a Partner Success Manager who will be on hand if you have any questions or queries and who will also provide advice on how to get the most out of PureClarity.
  • We use a bespoke platform. Will PureClarity work for our clients?
  • Absolutely!  PureClarity is completely platform agnostic and therefore integrates seamlessly with all ecommerce websites.  We do have a set of development libraries to support various tech stacks to help in the development of the integration. For more details see our page on integration.