We asked Cablecraft for their thoughts on using PureClarity

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"We were very pleased that Fluid Commerce introduced us to PureClarity. We trust Fluid’s recommendations, and so far, we have seen some fantastic successes. The service has been second to none, and we often work very closely with Martin, our account manager at PureClarity who helps make suggestions to improve the performance of our campaigns on a monthly basis, as well as providing additional training whenever required. We would highly recommend the platform to other retailers."

Shannen Hurley

Marketing & Communications Team Leader at Cablecraft

About Fluid Commerce

Fluid Commerce is an ecommerce growth agency and professional Magento solutions partner. With more than 10 years of ecommerce experience, they provide superior Magento websites, results-driven paid search strategies and UK-leading Amazon marketing expertise to ambitious, high-growth online retailers.

Using their world-class team of Magento-certified developers, award-winning PPC experts and skilled ecommerce strategists, they help retailers to increase sales and drive revenue.

Their client-first approach excels at developing and providing sustainable and profitable ecommerce solutions. Fluid ensure that their clients’ digital presence scales and adapts as they grow.

Their client base includes B2B, B2C and D2C retailers in sectors that include B2B, Home & Garden, Jewellery & Accessories and Health & Beauty.

Working in Partnership

As an ecommerce growth agency, Fluid Commerce are always looking for opportunities to help their clients compete, succeed and excel online. Working with select tech partners is just one way in which Fluid Commerce supports clients to achieve their goals. In early 2020, they were looking for a partner that offered ecommerce personalisation and were delighted to discover PureClarity.

PureClarity’s impressive solutions and smooth integration with Magento impressed them, and they were happy to introduce us to Cablecraft, one of their long-standing clients.

"PureClarity has massively helped Cablecraft with visibility of more of their products to the end consumer. The ease of use of dropping in a recommendations block into the ecommerce environment is what makes PureClarity a powerful player.

Cablecraft has also been able to take advantage of the pop-up tool that targets the acquisition of new and returning customers.

PureClarity has a simple, easy to use dashboard with a strong reporting section. The system easily integrates into Magento2 and would be a valuable asset to most companies.

I feel PureClarity will be challenging and pushing some of the big player names out within the next few years as the pricing structure is very reasonable. Especially for SME’s businesses."

Rob Pimlott

Senior Account Manager at Fluid Commerce

The challenges faced by Cablecraft

Cablecraft began working with PureClarity in Spring 2020, when they were offered a free 30-day trial of the solution. Cablecraft had previously trialled alternative AI-driven eCommerce personalisation solutions with limited successes, so they were interested to see what new opportunities PureClarity could offer.

Cablecraft were primarily looking to:

  • Increase average order value
  • Deliver an enhanced customer journey
  • Increase engagement on the site

The results

Since starting to use PureClarity, on average each month 7.5% of all online orders are attributable to PureClarity. Through the use of both custom and AI driven recommenders and pop-ups on not only their homepage but their product and basket pages, their average order value has increased by 11.5%.

product recommenders on cablecraft homepage

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