We asked Engweld for their thoughts on using PureClarity

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“Implementing personalisation across our site has not only improved our digital customer experience, but optimised our pages, maximised online revenue, and increased customer loyalty. When searching for a personalisation solution, we wanted something that would require little resources, deliver results right away, and prove return on investment – and we found that in PureClarity. We are extremely happy with the service, tools and results that PureClarity provides us with.”

Richard Moss

Web Developer Manager

The challenges faced by Engweld

When Engweld first found us they were already aware of the many benefits of personalisation and were looking for an easy to use, affordable and effective solution that offered hyper-personalised experiences for each of their unique customers. Engweld joined PureClarity at the end of 2020 with the hopes to increase online sales, maximise average order value and promote product awareness across their site. Since implementing PureClarity, Engweld are reaping the results.

The results

In the 30 days prior to this case study, Engweld have seen:

Engweld’s use of AI product recommenders on product pages

How this has been achieved

AI product recommenders have been implemented across the site to maximise conversion rate, improve overall online revenue and increase average order, through cross sells and upsells. The AI product recommenders are producing a high return of investment on the homepage, product pages, product listing pages and the basket page.


Engweld’s use of AI product recommenders on the homepage to promote product awareness

Product Listing Pages

AI product recommenders included on all product listing pages to increase conversion rate

Product Pages

Engweld’s use of AI product recommenders on product pages

Basket Page

AI product recommenders are used on the basket page to increase AOV

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