Powerful personalized recommenders ‘created for the individual’ based on their own personal navigation and viewing and buying history.

AI Recommenders

Advanced recommender engine

  • Boost conversion by allowing PureClarity to automatically place the right recommendation to each visitor at the right time
  • Maximize efficiencies 24/7 as the AI works without any intervention and will adapt in real-time based on visitor previous and current behaviors, avoiding any duplication of product
  • Choose from a wide range of recommender types which can be selected and customised according to your business needs
  • Override the AI with manual recommenders can easily be created and added into your recommender mix
Cold Start Package

Cold start feature

  • Experience results from day one with PureClarity’s ‘Cold Start Feature’.  Businesses don’t need trading history data to get started
  • Optimize your campaigns quickly as PureClarity finds products with similar product properties e.g. skirt, lamp, colour etc to present as recommendations

Up-sell and cross-sell

  • Increase customer spend by allowing PureClarity to recommend higher value products to one the ones being viewed
  • Incentivise additional product purchases by showing items frequently bought together and items that other customers also bought
  • Encourage customers to add additional products to their basket by recommending complementary cross-sell products to the ones being viewed and added to cart
Recommenders Any Place Any Page

Personalize any place any page

  • PureClarity enables you to place personalized recommenders in any area of your website. 
  • Maximise conversion by making each page of your visitors website journey as relevant and as tailored as possible

Use intelligent recommendations as part of your PureClarity campaigns

Including personalized recommendations is a powerful key ingredient for your personalized campaigns

Combine with personalized content to ensure each of your web visitors see products, offers and promotions that are only relevant to them. 

Set goals for each of your campaigns to track performance and results

Encourage them to buy, spend more and become a loyal customer both within your website and via email.

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